True Love and Big-Boy Pampers

On True Love:

I don’t talk enough about how amazing my husband is. He likes to remind me how I rescued him when I moved half-way around the world to be with him in Korea, but I never have quite verbalized the depth of my love for him.

Two weeks ago, I was in labor and preparing to welcome our first child into the world. What I wasn’t prepared for (not because I didn’t think it possible or Jason capable) was just how amazing Jason is. I say “is” because he’s still amazing, has been amazing, so it’s a constant.

While having a contraction half way out of the tub I had been in I began to vomit and Jason was there holding my hair. Previous to this, I had vomited during pregnancy and he did the same thing. I had really only associated this act with something my mother did. Even as an adult, if she heard me throwing up, she was there holding my hair and rubbing my back.

So when I think about love, I think about the people who stay with you, at your worst; when things are falling out of you that you don’t even want to mention.

Since having the baby, I’ve been on an emotional roller-coaster. This is actually a good thing because it’s allowed me to really evaluate my relationship with my husband in a new way; for me.

I still don’t have words to describe the depth of my love for this man. But, when your husband can hold your hair when you’re puking, watch you try to push an 8 pound baby out of you, not pass out when he glimpses your insides, and then sings cute songs and tells “modernized” versions of fairy tales to your newborn so you can get two more hours of sleep, you know it’s true love. And while I can’t put words to it, I know “my cup runneth over” every time I think of him.

On Big-Boy Pampers:

Happy 2-week birthday to our baby boy Tucker!

He’s closing in on 9 pounds, if he’s not reached that milestone already. On Tuesday he was just three ounces shy of the big nine-point-oh.

We had been noticing that his newborn diapers were fitting just a little more snuggly than before, so we tried putting him in the next size up. The number 1 Pampers are for 8-12 pound babies, while the newborn is supposed to fit babies up to 10 pounds.

Before having Tucker, we’d bought a big pack of the number 1 size, figuring that he’d probably be at least 8 pounds. The last weight estimate came in July so we really had no idea what to expect.

Tucker pretty much swims in these number 1 diapers. But the legs are snug, so at least we’re relatively safe from blowouts. Thankfully.

I’m still happy my little baby is a little baby though. And although I anxiously await the time when he’ll be just a little more self-sufficient (read: he doesn’t flail about uncontrollably is what I really look forward to), and better able to sleep soundly though the nights, I feel this time now is precious and I do value it immensely. Another example of true love for you.


6 responses to “True Love and Big-Boy Pampers

    • We’re still contemplating, but right now it’s more practical for us to use the disposable. It’s a huge investment to begin, and we wanted to get a nice starting package which included the sprayer attachment for the toilet. Right now Jason is doing laundry almost every day. I can’t imagine the amount of loads of wash he’ll be doing once we’re cloth diapering. Especially since Tucker is pooing so often. When Tucker is a little older we’ll revisit the idea, but for now, we’re using that moolah to fix our car this month… Safety first and all. 😉

      • Yeah that’s exactly our line of thinking too. I’ve changed so many diapers in my life that going disposable seems so foreign. I know it’s better for the earth but like you said, maybe when the poops are less frequent and more solid. Haha.

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