Mommy Milestones #2

Ahh, last week flew by. Baby boy has rounded the 2-week bend. And even if I had still been pregnant last week, he’d be here by now since Friday was our 42nd week. According to Dr. Karp (of The Happiest Baby on the Block fame), only ten more weeks until Tucker is a proper, communicating infant. Hooray!

Most of the week has been good. Tucker had his second well-baby visit and logged a hefty weight and height increase.

But I would be totally lying if I said that it wasn’t a tough week. For all of us. Well, Jason and I joke that it can’t be too tough for the baby since his needs are being met and he’s still alive. But for Jason and me, it’s been hard. Lots of tears, and not just the fake baby tears.

If I haven’t said it here, I have said it to Jason: I’ve cried more in the last two weeks than I have in my entire life. I’m over the crying, but my postpartum, fragile emotions don’t seem to be.

I cry because I am tired. I cry because I feel guilty about needing a c-section. I cry because the baby seems to be suffering from a case of nipple confusion as a result of his stay in the NICU. This then leads me to cry about insufficient and inefficient milk production. I cry a lot. I hate it. My goal for the coming week is to cry less.

For the last two or so years, I’ve been reading this woman’s blog. Around the time I found out that we were expecting Tucker, she announced that she too was expecting. Her commitment to providing well thought-out information for her readers has no doubt helped me on several occasions.

Of particular note, she recommended an app called Baby Connect. This easy-to-use app helps me keep track of how long the baby sleeps, how many wet/poopy/both diapers he’s having, how often he nurses (and on which side), and it allows me to record his stats at doctor visits. I can even log baby’s medications (he’s only taking a vitamin D supplement since it’s not present in breast milk), and moods (although I haven’t done this). It is a paid app, but well-worth the investment.

Another victory this week: FaceTime can moonlight as a baby monitor. I attempted this last night while Tucker was sleeping in the bedroom and Jason and I wanted to enjoy some educational programs (History Channel…Ancient Aliens…fun to mock). It has been getting colder in the evenings and over night here, and being that our boiler has now decided to stop functioning all together… we employed our wood burning stove for the first time since about February. We use a blower attachment on the stove to push the warm air down the hallway to the bedrooms. It is loud. Obnoxiously loud. Since we did want to be able to watch TV and let Tucker sleep in his bassinet at the same time, I improvised.

I’ve never really used FaceTime except once to check it out. But it worked amazingly. Since we have both an iPad and an iPhone, I set up the iPad near the baby, dialed the phone, and ta-da: instant baby monitor. I muted the sound on my end so nothing would pick up on the baby’s end, then we went about our business and kept an ear open for Tucker squeaks, squawks, and whales. Totally worked and has staved off our purchasing an expensive baby monitor for the time being.

**Question: How did you stay organized during those first few weeks with baby? Who helped you out?**


2 responses to “Mommy Milestones #2

  1. My husband was my right hand 30 years ago when we were having babies and he’s never stopped. Sounds like you got a good one too. Hang in there – it does get easier.

  2. I love the idea of using FaceTime! Very clever.
    I must admit that having my mom here is keeping me sane.
    The one thing I will say is that I’ve also struggled with feelings of guilt over various things. Just know you’re not alone. Glad to hear baby is growing really well! That is a good sign!
    Best wishes to y’all!

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