We [Don’t] Got This

Just when you feel even the slightest bit confident in your (new) parenting abilities, you’re thrown that proverbial curve ball. I can’t really claim that I felt or have felt super confident about my role as mother (and food provider) to Tucker, but until recently I did feel OK about it.

He’s seemingly hit a growth spurt… Or has been in the midst of one since about two and a half weeks (at his one-month well baby check today he’d packed on two pounds in the last three weeks!). So while we’d been hoping for a reprieve from the wakefulness of baby, the relentless feeding, and the crying… No dice.

He’s not the only one crying in our house either. With feedings demanded every hour or so, I’m really struggling. While he eats (and eats), I’m lucky if I can ingest 700-800 calories a day. I try to drink as much water as I can, but eating has been a huge trial.


9 thoughts on “We [Don’t] Got This”

  1. Burrow in and sleep and eat whenever you can. Have you mastered nursing while lying on your side? That way you can doze while Tucker chows down. If you are worried about doing this on your bed, then spread a comforter on the carpet and lie down there and try. It was the only way I was able to get any rest during nursing marathons that seemed to go on for days and weeks.

    1. We’ve tried it a few times, but haven’t mastered it at all. He’s getting super frustrated with me for not having enough milk for him yet… Hence the crying…

    1. Great idea… I am planning on making bags of mixed nuts / trail mix as well as making sure to grab some fruit/cheese combo too. String cheese + apples = fantastic.

  2. You have to eat. The better you eat the more nutrients you will have in your milk. What fills us up? Fiber. Protein. Eat, eat, eat!

    You will see a difference in your son within 24 hours.if you up your intake.

    Are you still taking a prenatal supplement vitamin? There are.some great whole food type ones out there that should help a little with your energy levels.

    Above all else, stay positive. That is probably the most difficult thing to do. If prayer works for you then go monk style on it. Make lists of things you love.to do, plans for the family for the future, what you love about your husband, have him make one about you. A positive attitude will go a long ways.

    You can do it!

    1. Thanks for the advice. Today has been better and staying positive is definitely the key (as well as upping the caloric intake –> the husband has seen to that).

  3. I can completely relate! A’s growth spurt a couple weeks ago had me sobbing with her in frustration. I can’t really offer too much advice, but I can say I’m right there with you, and you’re doing great :).

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