Seven Weeks In

Today marks the seventh week of our parenthood; the seventh week of Tucker’s life; The seventh week of my postpartum healing from the Cesarian.


Being a parent is hard; and we haven’t even gotten to any of the really difficult things like walking, talking, potty training, kindergarten, girls, driving, college…(you get the idea).

Right now, we muddle through our work-from-home lives, dazed and amazed at how fast 24 hours really is (and how SLOOOOW it can be). Not only that, but how hard being a spouse is. Parenthood is not just a journey for us as a couple, but as individuals within a couple. We’ve been a couple for four years; we continue to develop our communication skills and to grow as husband and wife.

It’s good (and important) for us to keep growing. I think we are in a constant state of learning what the other needs and adjusting to meet those needs. Throw in a baby, and our work is definitely cut out for us.


Seven weeks ago I was just amazed that he was here and real. I think Jason and I both are still shocked that we made this tiny, über-dependent person. For my part, I pretty much find myself obsessively googling the strange things he does and habits (or lack thereof) he seems to be acquiring. It’s all a matter of perspective.

“They”–and by “they,” I mean just about all the literature the LCs and doctors have handed us–say that Tucker should be sleeping roughly 16-18 hours a day. He doesn’t. He averages 12; on bad days he gets maybe 9 and on really good days he might pull off 14. I have learned that if he has a crap day, the next one is likely to be good.

I’ve also discovered that Tucker isn’t the only baby NOT sleeping the prescribed length. We are very lucky that he isn’t really a fussy boy…If he’s overtired, he doesn’t really complain; he just grows sad, droopy bags under his eyes. It’s where we keep the extra binkies.

He likes to sleep after nursing, and he can get a solid hour or two napping on my lap (we have a giantnormous pillow acting as Boppy for the time being which also allows my laptop some space to work). He sleeps great (most nights) through the night.

Postpartum Recovery:

I have been healing nicely. The doctors didn’t use sutures or staples, but what Jason and I are calling “bio-glue,” to close me up, so my incision site is and has been looking good.

My abs, on the other hand, are pretty much non-existent. And my pelvis is still pretty sore (even though I didn’t have a baby push through it). The good news is I will be cleared for more strenuous exercise next week.

Jason decided that we should train together for a [half] marathon. Run or walk, I think it’s a great idea and a good way for us to do more together. I’m excited to begin training with him next week!

We can take this guy with us while we’re still working out the lower mileage.

Ready to Roll


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