On The Road Again

I’m actually counting down the days until I’m cleared to really begin exercising. According to my Doc, I have to wait a full eight weeks before taking on any challenging workout regimens. And there are several that I’m aching to try.

I found a new blog (finally, it’s been a while since I’ve come across one I’ve liked enough to follow) the other day via one I already follow. The writer there, Jennifer, has challenged her readers to a plank-a-day. Or as she calls it, “Merry Planksmas.” I’m so ready to take on this challenge… starting Friday.


And there is the 5k to [half] marathon Jason and I want to start training for. I’ve even found a pretty good training schedule for us–mind you, I’m guessing we’ll start even slower since Jason’s NOT a runner and it’s been almost forever since I ran.

In the meantime, my shoes are itching to be used. I’ve got so many pairs of walking/running shoes, too. While waiting for the all clear, I’ve started going for walks around our neighborhood with the baby.

View from our walk.
1.67 miles in 46:26

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