UNlucky Thirteen

As children in the US (I can’t speak for other “Westerners” of Canada and Europe), we’re essentially taught to fear this number. The number thirteen is an unlucky, often-times horrifying, number.


Who of our “generation” doesn’t remember the movie Friday the Thirteenth or it’s many sequels, prequels, and spin-offs? That entire series help to firmly establish an unhealthy fear of the the number 13.

But fear of the number 13 stems further back than the 1980s. There are whole websites and research papers dedicated to the idea of numerology and the belief that some numbers are just innately unlucky.

For instance, Judas (the guy who betrayed Jesus) was said to have been the thirteenth and last to sit down to that last supper. Traditionally, there are thirteen witches in a coven. And 12 is considered the most complete number, so going beyond that, is just no good.

But, this year, 2013, shouldn’t be gone into with fear, but with the same optimism as any other new year, right? Sure.

I have to say, that 2013 for me has been pretty unlucky. I’m not saying I believe in all the hype, but…

1. Tucker’s left arm seemed to be developing slower than his right. Freaked me out.

2. I have some odd issue with my right eye; lets just say it’s NOT retinal detachment, but it’s something… floaters and light are involved.

3. Tucker has developed super eczema… head to toe!

4. I have tarsal tunnel syndrome.

5. My awesome manager / Editor in Chief is leaving our company.

6. Tucker is apparently soy-sensitive. Found this out the hard way.

7. My position at work is kind of uncertain beyond my EiC leaving / when my contract expires at the end of July.

There are a few additional items that I would list, but I don’t necessarily consider them bad things, just things… unfortunate things, or things that I am uncertain about how they will turn out.

**Question: What’s your [un]lucky number?**


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