One Down, Three to Go

The Tuckelberry has turned four months old. It’s amazing to see how different he is now as opposed to three/3.5 months back. Included in his array of new abilities are:

rolling over * great head stability * grabbing AND holding things with both hands while laying and sitting * sitting up (assisted) * standing (assisted) * lots of cooing * LOTS of “I’ve discovered my lungs” shrill screeches * hand sucking * smiling and recognizing mom and dad


Tucker’s FIRST ride in the stroller in November VS. his LATEST ride in the stroller in February. Such a difference… in size and alertness.


Here he says with his eyes: Hurry up Woman. When before he was pretty much: Ho Hum….


The first time Tucker “met” his bird/tree friends at the end of November, he didn’t really know what to think.


Now, he owns the mat, and all the tree friends attached.

The downside of having a baby who is now four months old, is he’s entered the “Four Month Sleep Regression” stage. This means that our little man sleeps really poorly at night. He had, for the longest time, been sleeping several hour stretches; like 4-7 hours, which essentially constitutes him sleeping through the night. Now we’re lucky if he sleeps 2-3 hour stretches. It’s quite trying on his poor mom and dad. Although, regardless of how much he sleeps, he still gives us smiles every time he wakes up, be it from a nap or in the morning.


Tucker 19




Tucker 20


Tucker 18


Tucker 21

Not too shabby for one-quarter of a year old…


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