A Little Zin

I thought some wine might be a nice ending to not only my day, but the A to Z Challenge as well. We stopped off at Total Wine & More (the alcohol superstore) to pick up some nice wine as well as a few choice beers for Jason’s blog.

Now, I haven’t had wine since before I discovered I was pregnant. You can see from my glass that I didn’t have too much–it was enough to give me a little buzz. I went with the white, since I’m less keen on reds.

This one was sweet, not dry, which I enjoyed. I’ll eventually get around to tasting the red zin, but I have this big ol’ bottle of white to get through first!


Yeah, Sure

I have to wonder if I’m too obliging; if I say “yes” too much.

I’m not really talking about friends or family, but work.

I have no issues with saying yes to my family; I love them and if I can help or provide some small happiness, then I am going to go for it.

Most of the time I say yes when it comes to my work, and this often leaves my head spinning. Taking on projects, striving for a set deadline when an extension has been offered. I say no to that, I say “no thanks, I’ll make the original deadline.” Unless it’s impossible.

Then I say no. I hate saying no. But sleep is important to me. I’m no good to anyone if I’m that sleep-deprived (more so than from being a new mommy).


boXing days

So, when we create phonics books and the letter X comes up, it’s very rare that we have a word that actually begins with it. In order to stay ‘legit,’ we use words like ox, fox, and box. I figured for this post, I’d do the same thing.

We’re trying trying trying to efficiently merge two (and a half) households while all of us are also trying to eek out a happily ever after; make lemonade with our lemons. To do this, we’ve got to share the space in this house. It also means that some things need to be packed up and put into storage.

The last few days, Jason has been working so hard to get the house in better order. Since having my parents move in, we’ve turned a third of Tucker’s room into a storage “unit” to save money and provide room for my folks and brother. Jason went through those boxes and pulled out a few that we’re going to be putting into storage. This included not only boxes of stuff we’re not using (like clothing and such) but Jason’s three trombones and my guitar.

Now, the baby’s room is feeling a little less cramped and more open.


What ABOUT Weight-loss?

I know it’s an obvious topic, right?

Jason and I had decided to join a gym this week, however with sleep training Tucker, that has been put on hold.

Essentially, due to our current jobs, which have us sitting on our rumps for most of the day (and night sometimes), we’ve definitely hindered our weight-loss via diet. Diet can only take you so far. Diet (and nursing) alone has helped me drop all but 10 pounds of baby weight. But being that I was already much more overweight than advisable for my height before that, I really must do something about it.

So beginning next week, yoga will be happening…thrice a week. I hope to track my progress via this blog and MyFitnessPal–which seems to be all the rage and was suggested by this chika.

52b17cedcf2dbf650859c6b357b5a5e1Wish us luck!

Vacation, Here I Come

Right after I take care of a million other things! Would that I could drop everything and visit any one of these places. I seem to be leaning toward middle of nowhere!


Underwater retreat? Yes, please!


I can do outer space, can you?


A hot, solitary desert oasis.


This one is for those who run a little warm.


Alone in the woods? Sure!

beachSand and shore for miles, right outside the back door.