‘A’ Is for April, Among Other Things

Happy April 1, ‘AKA’ April Fool’s Day. I have no practical jokes for you all today. Today is about some serious stuff.

A few months ago, I wanted to find a way to blog more regularly. Like, every day regular. While WIAW does help on occasion, I find that blogging about my food intake one day a week isn’t cutting it. For me. Then there were my weekly/monthly Tucker updates. Weekly was OK in the beginning, but anymore, I find that a monthly update is fairly sufficient. I don’t want to drive you all crazy with my baby.

So, as I was searching for writing prompts and blog ideas to help speedboat my blogging, I came across this site. It’s an interesting idea, blogging alphabetically. So I’m digging in my heals for the April event. I’m hoping the outcome of this will be that I really discover my voice as a writer and blogger.


I hope you will stick around as I run through the ABC’s of Living, In Action.

Since today is A, it’s a day of announcements, mainly my announcing the event. And if you’re curious, head over to Arlee Bird’s blog Tossing It Out; he also happens to be the founder of the A to Z Challenge. It’s also his birthday today, so Happy Birthday, Arlee!


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