Baby Takes a Bath

Now, I know that I said in yesterday’s post that I didn’t want to go all baby crazy, and I am going to hold to that. I’ll only mention my cute, amazingly adorable baby a few times throughout the month. He’s got a lot of milestones this month.

Anywho. Over the weekend, Jason (the Hubs) and I talked about getting the three of us on a good daily schedule to maximize our productivity. Since we both work from home and are the primary caregivers to Tucker, it’s imperative that we figure out the whole work-from-home + baby having thing. Up til now we’d only been giving Tucker a bath once a week. Before you say “Ew, gross!” you should know that this was on the suggestion of Tucker’s pediatrician. Tucker has some eczema, which can be made worse with too much bath time.

So, like I said, up til now we’d been doing a bath (with soap) once a week. Well, we’re going to incorporate bath time into our morning routine. This is for a multitude of reasons:

1. Jason HAS to be online in the evening to connect with his Korean office.

2. We’d like to get into a good schedule not only with the baby, but ourselves.

3. Showers (meaning Jason and I would actually get one. every. day!)

4. Tucker isn’t so into the water just yet and I want him to enjoy the water; so more exposure to the water is necessary.

We have a garden tub, it’s giant, and kinda awkward to get in an out of. But, it’s perfect for Tucker and I (in a bathing suit) to sit in while Jason washes Tucker. And this morning we had a good bath, then a nice nap for Tucker after (since he likes to get up at 7, he’s usually still pretty tired by 8:30-9).

photo (1)


8 thoughts on “Baby Takes a Bath”

  1. A good routine is key. I’ve had Henry on one since he was a month old and it’s made a world of difference. It makes it easier to predict his needs and wants and bath/bedtime routine is a breeze. Also, I’ve learned to take the bouncer in the bathroom with me and it keeps him entertained long enough for a shower and even blow drying my hair after.

    1. I have given up the blow dryer, and in fact, am scouring google image search for OK short hairstyles. Jason and I kinda tag-team the shower experience.

      As for baby… He’s going through a phase now… Teething + growth spurt, so he’s been unpredictable for the last few days. Trying to rein in the crazy with this small semblance of a schedule.

      I just hope we can pull it off before we lose our minds.

  2. Why not just bath him in the kitchen sink? Babies are little, and don’t need, in fact do better with less water. You use less water which is cheaper and more “green”. You don’t have to get in…it’s much quicker. And you’re not leaning over the bathtub which is hard on your back. We did daily kitchen sink baths until she was too big and we had to resort to the bathtub. You don’t need it to be a big soapy thing. We used baby shampoo which is better on their skin and it never took but about 5 minutes. It was suggested that night is best because if you do it during the day and they poo etc. they’re dirty in no time. At least this way they clean a wee bit longer. Best time to shower is during nap time. It does get easier, and with 2 of you vs only one while the other is at work you’ll should be pro’s in a matter of days. Best of luck, darling picture.


    1. The kitchen sink isn’t practical for us. You are right about the tub using a lot of water. So that is something for us to really think on. We are just using the J&J baby shampoo, but I’ll probably be switching to something a bit better for sensitive / dry skin. Tucker has a poo about every other day or so, and usually they are in the AM anyway. I think the morning bath works for now for our family because of our working schedule. It’s only been two days, so we’ll have to see.

  3. I remember the baby baths. My eighteen year old son does not remember but i nearly drowned him in one of his baths when i poured too much water too quickly on his head trying to rinse the soap off his head.

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