When I was in third grade, I was assigned my very first research report. It was supposed to be on an animal, and I of course chose the best animal ever: The Elephant. I can’t say WHY I love these animals. I just do. I have about 50 or so elephant-related knickknacks, figurines, plush stuffies, and statues. My in-laws have even discovered an elephant rescue near their home that they plan on taking us to when we visit them in Florida.

Elephant photo bomb:








Some elephant rescues:

Two Tails Ranch

The Elephant Sanctuary



4 thoughts on “Elephantastic”

  1. I knew you’d pick elephant for E! I always think of you when I see something elephant related. Unless its the republican elephant, then I think other things.

    1. It’s always perturbed me that the elephant is the symbol of the republican party. I get it, I do, but still. And where did the donkey come from? Were they just looking for an animal that began with the letter D?

    1. Thanks for stopping by! That elephant was bought by my husband while we were at a small town outside of Seoul, South Korea with the intention of filling (it opens like a small box) with my engagement ring. However, I spoiled the surprise of the purpose for the box when I found it that day. So he actually hid the box for a good while (he just found it after about two and a half years) before he gave it to me a few weeks ago. He found another way to propose that was more memorable.

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