The Nouveau Nuclear Family

We moved home for family. We probably could have stuck it out in Korea another year but for the fact that my family needed me (and by ‘me,’ I mean ‘us’).

When we arrived back to the States, we moved right in with my parents. And brother. And two dogs. And four cats. Jason and I were set up in the back den, which used to be a back porch, but someone, at some point decided it should be inclosed and insulated. My parents ripped up the carpet and laid hardwood floors. My brother painted the walls a nice color. My dad turned the dark room into an office.

When we moved back, we sought out two things right away: A king sized bed and a Macbook Air (x2). My parents graciously put us up while we reestablished ourselves. Jason needed an address to claim his NM residency since his license had expired around 2008-ish.

We bought our house a few months later, in November 2011. Wedding in April 2012. And of course THe baby in October 2012.

Fast forward to about a month ago. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, our family (my folks, my brother, my husband, my son, and me) had to pull together once again. This time, the result was that everyone moved over here (more or less, since my brother is actually still at our parents house working on getting things out of it so we can then clean, paint, and ultimately sell).

So, while it is still a little tight around here, with the merging of two and a half households, it’s kinda nice. We have live-in babysitters who LOVE their grandson. They get to see him every day. We have help around the house. And we, both my parents and Jason and I have help financially. Everyone is benefiting from it. My parents are a great help when it comes to Tucker. And we’re trying to help them prep their house to sell. From there… We will see if this house will continue to fit our needs. If we need/want, we’re already considering purchasing a multi-family home or a property large enough to support two homes.

Bro, Me (and Baby), Hubs, Mom, and Dad

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