Another Day, Another …

I spent the morning spending the last of my birthday gift certificate for Mark Pardo (yes, my birthday was in December) that my BFF Susan gave me. I had my stylist, Monique, chop off about 6-7 inches of blah. Considering that my last hair cut was just about a year ago, it still surprised me how little my hair grew in that time. Before last year’s cut, it had been just about three years (maybe four) since my last “real” cut. I don’t count trims; an inch to remove split ends hardly makes a difference.

Then, I popped over to Sprouts (formerly Sunflower Market) because they had a pretty good sale on strabs: 4 1-pound cartons for $5. That’s a buck, twenty-five each! Regular stores have them for $2-3 a pound. SUCH a savings. I’ll be making strawberry jam tomorrow.

I was sent on a mission to World Market to pick up some yummy coffee syrups for me (I bought chocolate, English toffee, and coconut to add to my stash of flavors) and off-the-wall beers for Jason to review for his blog.

And finally, to Target to get canning jars for the afore-mentioned jam as well as ice trays since I’ll be making Tucker some baby food this coming week for his solids inaugural. I figure I’ll do sweet potatoes and carrots to freeze for later, and an avocado for the first bite.

This brings me to the ACTUAL purpose of today’s blog. Since it’s Sunday, there’s no A to Z blog today, so I was browsing my reader to see what has been going on in my regular line-up of bloggers. I missed a cool purse party (I have an awesome purse, and I will try to catch the next one), and I nearly missed this ULTIMATE party!


I discovered it via Ms Chicago Style. I love her blogs; I discovered her while planning my wedding (a few months before around about January of last year) and I’ve been a follower ever since. She has a witty take on life, love, work, and cats that I really dig.

I like the idea of this “party” as it’s another way to reach new readers and discover even more blogs to add to my ever-growing repertoire.

SO, from April 5-13, the lovely ladies over at 5 Minutes for Mom are hosting the Ultimate Blog Party. It’s a week-long “conference” of sorts dedicated to exploring and experiencing new blogs. There are even two live events (one on twitter, and one on Google+) during which fun, laughs, and even prizes can be had. Head over to THEIR site to learn more and to sign up if ya like.

The first ‘rule’ of UBP is talk about UBP. Check.

The second ‘rule’ of UBP is introduce your blog.

Living, In Action is a blog I began in 2010 while living abroad. I was living and working in Seoul, South Korea and found that blogging really helped ease the ache for home I experienced from time to time. Over the last three years, the blog has evolved from a pseudo travel blog, to a general living blog.

I have talked about wedding planning, my plus-size pregnancy, my family (including my soon-to-be 6-month old, Tucker, which I tend to talk about a lot), my job, my cooking, my ideas of a good time…my life really. I hope to broaden my scope with the aid of events like UBP and the A to Z Challenge.

Please, browse and enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Another Day, Another …”

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love your posts too, particularly the ones on Tucker. My favorites are the ones from a couple months ago when his facial expression were so adorably disgruntled. I love when new babies are so expressive.

  2. Tamara Hi!

    Visiting you from #UBP13! I’ve enjoyed looking around your site and am excited to read future posts. I like how your site has grown and changed with your life.

    Please stop by anytime for a cup of tea, coffee or another beverage and let’s get to know each other a bit better.

    Substance of Living

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