No, Tucker hasn’t cut his incisors yet. In fact, every time I try to look in his cute little mouth, he covers his lower gums with his tongue; it’s almost like a reflex.

With all the sucking sounds, slobber, and what may be the hint of white (it could also be the glare of the overhead light reflecting off the half-gallon of saliva he tends to leak…spit…produce?).

We have been begging Tucker, “Show us your teeth!” for the last few weeks. But to no avail. Those I-teeth are stuck inside his jaw for now.

His 6-month well-baby check is this Friday, and we’ll ask his doc if those teeth are in fact on their way.

I’m at least hopeful that he will follow the order of eruption. Although, he does like to chew toward the back of his mouth. Molars before I?



4 thoughts on “I-Teeth”

      1. We have teething … hands and feet? He digs those… I also wet some of his little wash clothes, twist them into a U shape, and freeze them. He likes to chew on cloth anyway, so the added cold is a bonus for him. We also just picked up a “chewther” thing.

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