Java and Joe

Those of you who know me, know that I am in possession of a [somewhat antiquated] wet bar, that I’ve transformed into what I call my coffee station.

I have no need of a wet bar at the moment anyway. I don’t drink wine, or I haven’t since I found out I was pregnant with Tucker over a year ago.

In any case, when we purchased our home, the wet bar was already set to be my coffee station.


While living in Korea, I found myself a little collectible niche, if you will. That being the collection of coffee mugs. I have hand-crafted mugs from a few shops in Insadong as well as mugs from random Korean coffee chains, even one from the Korean Museum of Art.

Upon our return, I continued my hunt for  unique mugs. My hunt took me to Albuquerque Old Town and an art tour in Abiquiu.

And then I have the Starbuck’s city and state mugs; I’ve got New Mexico, Las Vegas, Seoul, Tokyo, Boston, and Phoenix.

So, when I have my half-caf/half-decaf cuppa, I have a wide assortment of mugs to choose from. Here are just two of my faves.




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