My Kidlet

Our wee boy is half a year old today. I cannot believe it. He is such a good boy, too. Very curious and happy.

Baby stats:

Weight: 17.4lbs (48th percentile)


Height: 28.0in (93rd percentile)


As you can see, he’s a slim and tall baby. He easily rolls back-to-tummy and more recently, tummy-to-back. He WANTS to sit unassisted, and he can for brief, very brief, periods of time (like 5 seconds or so).He loves his kitties and puppies. The cats will, on occasion, allow Tucker to “pet” them. And the dogs like to check out Tucker while he’s on the floor with his mat or playing in his newly (see below) acquired ExerSaucer.


He’s also now 6-moths and just today received his last round of shots for a while. His next Well Check isn’t for three more months and NO SHOTS at that one! WoOt.

And now that he’s 6 months old, Tucker will be getting the addition of solids to his daily regimen of liquids. I had wanted to start him out with avocados, but we never made it to the grocery store today. However, we do have a TON of sweet potatoes (both red and white) that we’ll start with instead. I’m baking them up now and will then mash them, perhaps adding a little breast milk to really smooth them out.

I bought two ice cube trays so I can then freeze the food into manageable serving sizes. I’ll post about the process in an upcoming blog.

And, for your enjoyment, I leave you with this fun and exciting little video of my kidlet.


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