I’m NOT a Quitter

The last few days have been rotten, to say the least. On Wednesday, I had a fever, chills, and achy joints. I had wanted to write O’s post about a fantastically amazing orange cake I made once before. And it tastes just like one of my favorite childhood cereals: Trix.

Yesterday, and this will be an overshare for many of you, my right breast hurt so bad, that I actually called my doctor. I try not to go to see her very often, mainly on account of our crap health insurance. But the pain, coupled with the bright red tinge of my skin, the fever and chills… I already self-diagnosed mastitis, but because of infection, it required antibiotics, hence the doctor.

Today I’m going to triple post about the orange cake and just a short service announcement about pain: PAIN SUCKS! and being sick sucks too. And, just so you all know: I haven’t quit–I just took a break to recover. I’m partly back to good, just the meds are wreaking havoc on my milk supply, so I’m pumping more and drinking Mother’s Milk Tea (which isn’t as terrible as I anticipated). Hopefully I can maintain through the next thirteen days remaining on the medication.

On to the main part of this post: Orange Cake!!

Last time, I used huge Jeju oranges I received for Cheusok from my work.

This time, I used Cuties.



The end result was a.maze.ing. I hadn’t made the icing before and it did not disappoint.

Here’s where I got the recipe.


6 responses to “I’m NOT a Quitter

  1. Looks really good. I once had a really delicious orange cake at a friend’s house. She’d poked holes in it while it was still warm and poured over the icing so it seeped into the holes. It made it sweet and moist and so orangey. It’s ridiculous that I can taste it as I think about it 20 + years later – it was THAT good, lol.

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