‘Taters and Turnips

Yesterday I posted the video of Tucker sampling the deliciousness that is sweet potatoes.

I thought I would briefly share the how-to of how I’ve been prepping homemade baby food.

We don’t have a baby food maker. So, I baked the potatoes, steamed the parsnips and turnips in our double-stack steamer, and just mashed up the avocado and bananas.

The potatoes were mashed by hand as well.

Everything was spooned into the nifty (albeit not the easiest to use) silicon ice-cube trays and then set to freeze over night.

IMG_2546Storing all our little cubies in freezer bags make things easily accessible at meal times. I pop 2-3 in a bowl and heat them up for a few seconds to soften. If I’m less rushed, I can put the cubes in a plastic container and let them thaw in the fridge over night.

IMG_3572Tucker has already had [white] sweet potatoes, avocados, and bananas.

The only reason we have parsnips, turnips, and even some rutabaga, is because Jason had made a roasted root vegetable dish last week. We have a few pounds of carrots and leftover sweet potatoes (both white and red) from this recipe as well. My plan is to process all of these so that we can slowly introduce them to Tucker over the next few weeks.

I know that turnips are probably asking too much, but, what the heck? It can’t hurt to try it.



3 thoughts on “‘Taters and Turnips”

  1. This is a GREAT option for someone on a low carb diet! It would be a great alternative to mashed potatoes on a holiday for someone with a special diatary need. The only other tip I have is to not let the turnips cook too long or they will become slightly watery at the bottom.

    1. I’d say it’s never too soon to start making it… but I would be wrong. What little baby wants freezer burned strained carrots or mashed rutabaga? But it IS super easy to do.

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