boXing days

So, when we create phonics books and the letter X comes up, it’s very rare that we have a word that actually begins with it. In order to stay ‘legit,’ we use words like ox, fox, and box. I figured for this post, I’d do the same thing.

We’re trying trying trying to efficiently merge two (and a half) households while all of us are also trying to eek out a happily ever after; make lemonade with our lemons. To do this, we’ve got to share the space in this house. It also means that some things need to be packed up and put into storage.

The last few days, Jason has been working so hard to get the house in better order. Since having my parents move in, we’ve turned a third of Tucker’s room into a storage “unit” to save money and provide room for my folks and brother. Jason went through those boxes and pulled out a few that we’re going to be putting into storage. This included not only boxes of stuff we’re not using (like clothing and such) but Jason’s three trombones and my guitar.

Now, the baby’s room is feeling a little less cramped and more open.



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