Yeah, Sure

I have to wonder if I’m too obliging; if I say “yes” too much.

I’m not really talking about friends or family, but work.

I have no issues with saying yes to my family; I love them and if I can help or provide some small happiness, then I am going to go for it.

Most of the time I say yes when it comes to my work, and this often leaves my head spinning. Taking on projects, striving for a set deadline when an extension has been offered. I say no to that, I say “no thanks, I’ll make the original deadline.” Unless it’s impossible.

Then I say no. I hate saying no. But sleep is important to me. I’m no good to anyone if I’m that sleep-deprived (more so than from being a new mommy).



One thought on “Yeah, Sure”

  1. I always had that problem with work too and then I’d get overwhelmed and resent them for overwhelming me! When I was 9 months pregnant I finally told them them no from time to time. Take the extensions and use the extra time to snuggle Tucker. 🙂

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