Sweet Potato Boy

Just a long video of Tucker’s first solid food experience.


Right Now

Right now, I’m sitting in my dark bedroom sipping my third cup of Mother’s Milk Tea. The room has a red glow from the heat lamp we leave on for the baby and any middle-of-the-night feedings and/or diaper changes.

Right now we are trying to get a move on the whole sleep training. Tucker’s doctor told us, quite bluntly, it’s a lot easier at six months than at nine.

Right now I’m going to bed!
Good night!

I’m NOT a Quitter

The last few days have been rotten, to say the least. On Wednesday, I had a fever, chills, and achy joints. I had wanted to write O’s post about a fantastically amazing orange cake I made once before. And it tastes just like one of my favorite childhood cereals: Trix.

Yesterday, and this will be an overshare for many of you, my right breast hurt so bad, that I actually called my doctor. I try not to go to see her very often, mainly on account of our crap health insurance. But the pain, coupled with the bright red tinge of my skin, the fever and chills… I already self-diagnosed mastitis, but because of infection, it required antibiotics, hence the doctor.

Today I’m going to triple post about the orange cake and just a short service announcement about pain: PAIN SUCKS! and being sick sucks too. And, just so you all know: I haven’t quit–I just took a break to recover. I’m partly back to good, just the meds are wreaking havoc on my milk supply, so I’m pumping more and drinking Mother’s Milk Tea (which isn’t as terrible as I anticipated). Hopefully I can maintain through the next thirteen days remaining on the medication.

On to the main part of this post: Orange Cake!!

Last time, I used huge Jeju oranges I received for Cheusok from my work.

This time, I used Cuties.



The end result was a.maze.ing. I hadn’t made the icing before and it did not disappoint.

Here’s where I got the recipe.

Naked Tuesday

Now before you get all excited, ESPECIALLY if you’re a new reader, you should know that this isn’t THAT type of blog. Get your mind outta the gutter…

But I am cray enough to title my post of the day something enticing… so it’s really my fault, and I forgive you.

It’s DAMN hot in our house today. We still swaddle Tucker, and on top of his cloth diaper and onesie, he was pretty well roasting.

We aren’t special enough to have any kind of pool; in ground, below ground, or cutesy plastic/inflatable/rubber wading pool. We do, however, have a garden tub. With jets.

So because Tucker was roasting like a thanksgiving turkey in his double-stuffed Dinkledooz diaper after his nap, we filled the tub with luke-warm water and Tucker and I had ourselves a nice cool soak. Tucker is getting more and more used to the water. He was super impressed with the water when we turned on the jets.

Naked (baby) Tuesday will likely be a regular thing as the spring yields to summer out here in the desert.


Just because it’s in the high 70’s doesn’t mean our house is temperate at all… it can get quite warm even in the 40s over night that has been the norm for the last few weeks. AC is getting turned on this week I hope.

The Mob Mentality

Last weekend, I had the chance to participate in a very cool event.

In today’s economy, it’s often hard to scrape together a few bucks to help out a fellow community member. Often, small businesses are at the mercy of their larger, corporate counterparts. A lot of times, small businesses fail because they cannot compete with places like Walmart.

While we were still in Korea, just days before leaving to return home, I saw a video about a cash mob.

If you are familiar with a flash mob, during which seemingly random groups of people burst into song or dance at a prescribed time and place, a cash mob is similar.

As with a regular flash mob, a cash mob is assimilated via social networking sites. And while the purpose of flash mobs are to have fun and entertain, a cash mob has a different purpose: to come to the aid of locally owned small businesses.

I had the opportunity to participate in a recent cash mob hosted by an organization called Albuquerque Cash Mob. They’ve mobbed 14 Albuquerque-area proprietors to date.

I really think this is just a great way for people to give back to their community in a fun way. We meet at a locally owned restaurant, then shop. It’s a double win.

I hope to do more of these sorts of events. To this one, I brought Jason and our friend Jamie. We found ourselves in Albuquerque’s south valley at an antique mall-type place. Very neat stuff there!

I’ll have to post our haul pics in a separate post, but we picked up some cool stuff (for us).

SoKo Coffee Haus

coffee 4

When we were living in Korea, I discovered that the play wasn’t the thing, but coffee; or rather, coffee shops were the thing.

My office was/is situated in a little neighborhood near Gangnam (yes, THAT Gangnam). Surrounding said office, were three Starbucks, two Dunkin Donuts, at least two Coffee Bean & Tea Leafs, as well as the elusive Caribou Coffee.

In addition to those main-stream, corporate coffee houses, there were a plethora (and I do mean this) of smaller places. Places like Ediya, Tom N Tom’s, Coffee Factory, Seven Monkey’s, Coffine Gurunaru, Yellow Tree, and Serendipity (these last two were actually in my neighborhood specifically, while the others could also be found just about anywhere in Seoul) JUST to name a few. There are literally hundreds of these places, many of them in hidden locales, holes in the wall, off the beaten path.

A Google search of coffee houses in Seoul and there are listing of places I’ve never heard of! There is (or was when we were living there) even a bird themed house (in which live birds are free to fly about) and a cat themed house (in which coffee lovers can drink their cuppa in the company of random cats). The logistics of these two are interesting to ponder and should we make it back to Seoul anytime soon, I’ll be dragging my husband and son with me to check them out. And the one my boss would take us out to, without fail, whenever the occasion called for coffee, doubled as a flower shop.

If you find yourself in Seoul, please, please visit the local chains, you will NOT be disappointed.


Looking Back…

I should have stayed in gymnastics… or ballet, or tap, or jazz.

I should have chosen a smaller instrument to play; the flute, clarinet, or since I HAD to play a double-reed instrument, the oboe.

I should have saved more of my toys…Right, Barbie?

I should be more positive.

I should have tried to make more friends.

I should have been nicer to my family…not calling them ‘sickly’ one day in high school…

I should have written A LOT more

I should have listened to more music…”Nirvana who?” seriously until 1998-ish.

I should have tried out for cross-country my senior year.

I probably should have stayed in band, even though it felt like I was cheating on my old band.

I know I should have continued playing the bassoon.

I shouldn’t have said that.

I should have been more open to trying new things A LOT sooner.

I shouldn’t have done that.

I shouldn’t have dated that guy.

I should have applied to more colleges.

I should really finish Tucker’s baby blanket.

I should have tried a little harder to make Purdue work.

I should have tried a little harder.

I probably shouldn’t have gotten that extra BA.

I should have taught more than just summer lit.

I should forgive.

I should eat more vegetables.

I should travel more.

I should lose weight.

I should read more books.

I should get outside more.

I should have suggested looking at more houses.

I should buy more cloth diapers. We have 20.

I should be a better kitteh mommy. They need play time and cuddles just like Tucker.

There’s a lot that I should have done and that I should do. While, obviously, I cannot change the choices I’ve made in the past, they can help me to adjust the way I am doing things now. If’ I’ve learned anything, it’s that everything you do and everyone you meet, you do so for a purpose. I wouldn’t be the person–wife, mother, daughter, niece, friend–I am today without my experiences. And with those experiences, I know that I need to be a better person–wife, mother, daughter, niece, friend. I’m trying. I will continue to do so.

With all my ‘shouldas’ I need to mention that:

I’m GLAD I married this guy.

I’m so happy to have this baby.

I love the friends I have, the family I have.

I’m glad I went to Korea; even though it was tough. And scary. And unfamiliar.

I’m lucky for the jobs I’ve had and the one I have now.

I value my education.

Yeah… these lists could go on and on…