Tease Me, Seymour!

Venus Fly TrapAnd I have been a tease haven’t I?

A few of you have even contacted me privately to ask just what I was referring to in this post.

And while I had wanted to wait just a little longer, before spilling the beans, I know that for some of you…waiting is just too difficult. It probably didn’t help matters that I failed to say when exactly I would be revisiting that topic. But that’s because I didn’t know exactly what the eventual outcome was to be. I do now.

I have no doubt that some of you think I am pregnant–even though I had Tucker less than a year ago.

While I do hope to “fall pregnant” again in the near[ish] future (before I am 35 please!), I can in all honesty say that, no, I’m not pregnant. At least not today or last week.

And no, we’re not adopting another pet. There are now six of them on the premises. I couldn’t handle another even if I wanted one.

So, what could it be? What is this new addition to our family?

Well, let me preface the reveal by saying that with Jason and I both seeking employment out of the house come the end of July, we’ll each be needing viable and reliable transportation.

Our car to cat ratio just tipped in favor of the automobile.

We purchased this 2005 Prius and will be welcoming it into our fleet sometime after next week.


One of Jason’s friends from college is leaving the US for Russia with his family and as such, cannot take their car with them. They needed a buyer, and we needed a car. It was almost serendipitous. We have an auto-transporter retained and hope to have it in our possession within the week!


Reduce, Reuse, Repeat

Lunch is usually one of those meals where every one sorta does their own thing. Recently, Jason and I made a ‘pact’ to eat more salad in an attempt to get healthier.

We’ve been walking more with the baby, and we’ve been upholding (for the most part) our ‘eat more veg’ agreement.

The other thing we’re working on, since we’ve now got four, sometimes five, adults to feed, is making less at dinner time. Leftovers are a pain, especially if they don’t get eaten. Stinky, smelly, mold-growing leftovers in the fridge is no good. By making smaller meals, we have less leftovers. Hoorah!

But sometimes, leftovers happen.

saladMonday night’s meatloaf was a great topping for my salad-y lunch yesterday! Toss on a bit of shredded cheese and my favorite dressing (Sesame Ginger), and this salad went from blah to bam!

mealLast night’s lasagna made for a great lunch. I paired it with yet another salad (this time dressed in a Raspberry Vinaigrette).

**Question: How do you fun-up your leftovers?**

Thanks Jenn, for hosting today’s WIAW!


Rip It Up

BBC and PBS are quickly becoming my favorite channels on television. While PBS offers a great range of children’s educational programing, BBC [America] targets my need of more complex plot lines and mature themes.


BBC brings the hubs and me Dr. Who. It delivers my gear-head hubby and stepdad Top Gear. And it gives the procedural crime show-loving members of my family a great series in the new period drama, Ripper Street.

We all know about Jack the Ripper, yes? That mysterious serial killer of Victorian London’s Whitechapel district. Johnny Depp made a movie about him


Ripper Street

Ripper Street is set several months after Jack the Ripper stopped his killings. It follows the further cases of the Edmund Reid, one of the actual investigators of the Ripper killings (played by Matthew Macfadyen of Pride & Prejudice). The series is dark and very NC17. With explicit images and sexual content, it’s very much aimed for an adult audience. Additionally, if you’re a fan of the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holms movies, you will enjoy this series. It’s very reminiscent of those movies with the cinematography.

A lot of the themes and “characters” are based partly, if not in whole, on actual people and events of the 19th century. While critics have called out the timeline of some of the events and even the language used in the series, it’s still very interesting.

I watched the first season with my mom (who is a big fan of procedurals like Law & Order, CSI, and NCIS) in just a weekend. We enjoyed it very much.

We are anxiously awaiting the second season, due out some time next year (sadly).

The Chives Have It

I am not a beer drinker. In fact, from the very first time I tried beer (at the tender and illegal age of four), I’ve found it to be rather gross. The smell, the taste, the after-taste all make my taste buds want to run for the hills; or at least that part of my tongue that doesn’t detect bitterness. If all my buds could gather at the side where salty, sweet, or even sour thrives, my beer-drinking experiences would be a lot more tolerable.

I really would rather be one of the cool kids who likes, even loves beer. My life would be so much more… chill. Oh well.

One thing that I do like beef for: baking. What did I bake, you ask?

Bread. Delicious Cheddar Chive Beer Bread.

When I was in Korea, I made Jason and myself a yum bread I found… somewhere. Unfortunately, I have NO idea where I got the recipe. I have it written on a scrap of paper that I managed to save. When I made it in Korea, I made plain ol’ white bread, and I used a light beer (more palatable).

Now that Jason’s taken up blogging, there is a steady supply of beer of all colors in our pantry and fridge.

IMG_3585Another thing I did while living is Seoul was scour the YouTube cooking channels. We discovered this lovely Kentucky-based woman sometime in 2010. She recently did a beer bread which incorporated one of my favorite foods–cheese. Her recipe also calls for a good amount of chives.

I made this recipe for the first time with a bottle of Jason’s Shiner Blonde, as well as extra sharp cheddar.

My Recipe:

Preheat to 375*F / 190*C.

3.5 c all-purpose flour, 3 tbsp white sugar, 1 tbsp baking powder, 1.5 tsp salt, 1.5 cups finely grated cheese, 2-3 tbsp chopped chives, 12 oz beer of your preference, 1 egg (beaten).

Add all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl until well-combined. I added a small amount of the flour to the cheese before mixing it in to coat it. This helps distribute the cheese more evenly. Then pour in the beer. Mix until doughy. Pour dough onto floured surface to knead first (if your dough turns out dryer) or directly onto a baking sheet to free-form, or into a bread pan (if your dough is wetter).*

*I’ve played around with this: Cold beer is better than warm beer. 3 cups of flour is better than 3.5 (I actually think the 1/2 cup was for sprinkling and kneading, but I never transferred the directions… my bad!)

Betty’s bread dough was wetter than mine, and she uses a bread pan. I have used both a pan and free-formed the dough. Both are yum.

The egg is for glazing; brush it on prior to baking. Betty uses melted butter on hers; about ten minutes before finishing. AWESOME.

Adding the cheese and chives took the bread to such an amazingly savory place. Jason, my folks, and I polished off this loaf in a single night. It was THAT good.

On Hiatus

Wow, it’s been nearly a month (three weeks!) since my last post. The A to Z challenge really kicked my butt. That’s not to say that I have stopped doing blog-worthy stuff.

So, in the days to come, I will be posting a few new blogs. I have two or three show reviews, a recipe or two, job hunt updates, and of course Tucker updates. Oh, and ME updates.

I’ll leave you with this juicy tidbit: We’re soon to have an addition to our family…

Happy Hump Day! I’ll leave with Summer Fun Tucker: