Reduce, Reuse, Repeat

Lunch is usually one of those meals where every one sorta does their own thing. Recently, Jason and I made a ‘pact’ to eat more salad in an attempt to get healthier.

We’ve been walking more with the baby, and we’ve been upholding (for the most part) our ‘eat more veg’ agreement.

The other thing we’re working on, since we’ve now got four, sometimes five, adults to feed, is making less at dinner time. Leftovers are a pain, especially if they don’t get eaten. Stinky, smelly, mold-growing leftovers in the fridge is no good. By making smaller meals, we have less leftovers. Hoorah!

But sometimes, leftovers happen.

saladMonday night’s meatloaf was a great topping for my salad-y lunch yesterday! Toss on a bit of shredded cheese and my favorite dressing (Sesame Ginger), and this salad went from blah to bam!

mealLast night’s lasagna made for a great lunch. I paired it with yet another salad (this time dressed in a Raspberry Vinaigrette).

**Question: How do you fun-up your leftovers?**

Thanks Jenn, for hosting today’s WIAW!



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