Tease Me, Seymour!

Venus Fly TrapAnd I have been a tease haven’t I?

A few of you have even contacted me privately to ask just what I was referring to in this post.

And while I had wanted to wait just a little longer, before spilling the beans, I know that for some of you…waiting is just too difficult. It probably didn’t help matters that I failed to say when exactly I would be revisiting that topic. But that’s because I didn’t know exactly what the eventual outcome was to be. I do now.

I have no doubt that some of you think I am pregnant–even though I had Tucker less than a year ago.

While I do hope to “fall pregnant” again in the near[ish] future (before I am 35 please!), I can in all honesty say that, no, I’m not pregnant. At least not today or last week.

And no, we’re not adopting another pet. There are now six of them on the premises. I couldn’t handle another even if I wanted one.

So, what could it be? What is this new addition to our family?

Well, let me preface the reveal by saying that with Jason and I both seeking employment out of the house come the end of July, we’ll each be needing viable and reliable transportation.

Our car to cat ratio just tipped in favor of the automobile.

We purchased this 2005 Prius and will be welcoming it into our fleet sometime after next week.


One of Jason’s friends from college is leaving the US for Russia with his family and as such, cannot take their car with them. They needed a buyer, and we needed a car. It was almost serendipitous. We have an auto-transporter retained and hope to have it in our possession within the week!


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