Career Path

With the end of my contract year at the publishing company fast approaching, I’ve been applying for A LOT of jobs. At first I sent off resumes and applications online for editorial positions. But, as interviews or even replies for those jobs are few and far between, I’ve set my sights back toward teaching.

I’ve been on one interview so far, with an International School here in town. It would have been really cool to have gotten that job since we would like to send Tucker there.

I applied to several middle and high school jobs now that I am dual certified in language arts and social studies.

But, I wish it were easier than this! I could just go to a house, and BAM… employed.


Show Me Your Foods


Since I first began introducing solids into Tucker’s diet, he’s been able to try a wise assortment of foods. Most of which have been my adventures in homemade baby food making.

Tucker loves him some sweet potatoes.


Mamma goes baby food-making crazy!

20130615-070522.jpgBaby like!

20130615-070607.jpg20130615-070651.jpgTucker practices self-feeding.

20130615-070625.jpg20130615-070724.jpgThe stash

Including Ella’s and Gerber, along with plain ol’ organic applesauce and plain yogurt (not pictured) and lots of freezer and fresh fruits and veg.




Hey Hey Baby

I haven’t posted a true Tucker update in a very long time. Mainly because life has been happening, as it does, and quickly. So this is going to be long, as it’s pretty much covering months 7 and 8.


Every day is a new adventure, filled with ‘ah ha’ and ‘oh crap’ moments. It’s hard to believe that he’s already nearly been out in the world as long as he was inside me. Jason and I are still, to this day like, “Holy crap, we have a baby!”

So here’s the lo-down on THe little man:


I feel like I could put ‘everything’ here, and it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

  • Solids: So far, he’s experienced orange and white sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, peas, and avocado; as well as bananas, peaches, blueberries, and apples. He’s also getting some sort of cereal (Multigrain or Oatmeal so far, but we also have Whole Wheat in the pantry) and yogurt nearly every day. I’m still chicken to give him the turnips I prepped a while back. We’re still introducing new things to him every few days, so moving up to more ‘complex’ foods like meat and spices have taken a backseat to general experimentation.
  • Cats: Tucker attempts to accost any cat (or dog for that matter) that is within scooting distance; much to their chagrin.
  • Grandma and Grandpa: He LOVES them. And he’s had such an amazing effect on my mom’s health too. Her doctor confirmed it! Tucker is just good exercise and a dose of happiness.
  • Floor time: Whether he’s sitting up or scooting around, he is all action.
  • Music: In the mornings, Tucker listens to Pandora while he plays in his Arm’s Reach Play Yard. His favorite stations are Toddler Radio and Rockabye Baby.
  • Bubbles: We’ve discovered the awe-inspiring power of suds.
  • Bath time: Even though we only have bath time every few days, he LOVES the water, his water friends, and even the jets when we run them. It’s funny to watch him when those turn on. (I’m in there with him, by the way)
  • Long (or short) walks: We transitioned from our Chicco stroller to our 5K InStep jogging stroller, and it is great for all of us. It’s a smoother ride and more enjoyable to push. If we ever ACTUALLY make it to someplace cool like the aquarium or zoo, we’ll use the Chicco since it’s less bulky.
  • D-Vi-Sol: He’s been getting a ml everyday since he was about a week old. He recognizes the bottle and opens wide for his supplement.


  • Waiting for his food: So, we give him these puffs as an appetizer if food prep is taking a while. He can get QUITE verbose when his bottle is delayed though.


  • Teething: He’s cut 4 teeth already, so he’s had some pretty yuck nights as they came in one after the other. Tylenol does help, as well as chewing on fabric or hard plastic toys.


  • Avocado or banana straight up: Without other mix-ins, he’s not too into the mushy/slimy texture. Yeah, he’s my kid for sure!


  • Sleeping: This was a big one. We had been swaddling pretty much from birth to six months. After a few attempts at swaddle weaning prior to his six-month well-check, we asked Tucker’s doc for advice. She said try to sleep train, then swaddle wean. Well, that didn’t work. So at the recommendation of a friend, I checked out this book on iBooks, and we dove into sleep training without the swaddle. It wasn’t a nightmare, and he did really well from day one. After nearly two months, Tucker is a pro! He naps fairly well, having good and bad days like all of us. And he generally sleeps through the night! Night before last, he went twelve and a quarter hours and last night he did a good twelve.
  • Pincers: Tucker has just about mastered the art of food pinching. He can, with very little difficulty, pick up his puffs or bits of banana with two fingers. And he has an 85% tray-to-mouth success rate.
  • Mobility: Tucker’s been sitting for a good while, but he’s been commando crawling for a few weeks. Just recently he’s been practicing crawling. With a precarious wiggle, he gets his knees beneath him and props himself up on his hands. He’s not taken it further than that… but it’s bound to happen very soon. Boy can he haul doing his commando thing though. My mom said she was a ‘chaser,’ not a ‘yeller’ when it came to my brother and I. This is how I am with Tucker (not that I need or would yell except if I need Jason). So we put in a lot of laps together. 
  • Sitting: We had yet to move down Tucker’s mattress in the crib because he really hadn’t been working on truly sitting up on his own. Until Monday’s late afternoon nap that is. Little Monster goes and sits up. So, instead of a nap, he got to watch his daddy lower his mattress. Then, after I put him down afterward, he did it again. We ended up skipping the nap altogether.


Up Next:

Convertible car seat




I Got Your Tickets

Last month, Anna over at Piper’s Run posted an upcoming challenge she was going to do. A 30-day arm challenge. And, being the trying-to-NOT-be-lazy, responsible adults that Jason and I are trying every day to be, we decided to give the challenge a whirl.


We started the challenge on June 1st. The creator of the challenge is Ms. Jodi Higgs, who hosts a variety of challenges similar to this one.

And before you ask, no, there are no before and after shots of my guns. You don’t wanna see the befores. I just finished day 11, and boy are my arms tired. Next month, we’ll attempt Jodi’s Ab challenge I think. Providing, of course, that we survive this one.

**Question: How do you challenge yourself?**