Where Have I Been?

I have probably lost quite a few readers in the last few months. I’m sorry to see you go. However, those that have stuck around, thanks.

My last post was nearly 3 months ago. Things sure have changed around here since then. Probably the biggest change came from my going out in the world to find my new job. I’m sure somewhere in this blog, if you dig around, you’ll read about how I spent years and years (and years) going to school. I am back at it. Sorta.

When I was in Seoul, I totally used my college learnin’. I used my English BA every day as an editor. I used my Education MA every day as an editor of English language education texts. I even used my International Relations BA about 6 days a week as an expat (we kinda hid out at least one day during the weekend).

When we moved home, it was an adjustment: from leaving the house each day to walk or bus/subway to work, being in an office setting, interacting socially and professionally with coworkers… to just us… and the Internet.

Aside from my thighs (which definitely grew in width over the last two years of working from home + having a baby), my social interactions suffered greatly.

The at-home job ended for me officially at the end of July. I had been applying for editing, writing, and teaching jobs all summer, and had yet to land anything. Then I found myself on a really great interview at a middle school in a town just 20 minutes from us (think twin cities). I felt really confident going in because 1. It was a middle school, and 2. It was language arts. The panel seemed to like me, as did the assistant principal who led the interview.

Not less that three hours later, the AP called me with the news. They were going to go with someone else. BUT. She really liked me and wanted to help by putting in a good word for me with the other schools I’d applied to in that district.

That was a Thursday. The following Tuesday (I think), I got an email from a principal at another school asking if I’d found a position yet and if I’d consider something different. Here’s the catch: 1. It’s a high school. 2. It’s social studies. 3. It’s special education. 4. Saying yes means applying for a special education licensure, taking at least one college course on the subject, and the SE teacher comp test.

Needless to say… I’m now the newest world history SE teacher at the school. It’s tough, and rewarding. I’ve met some amazing educators who’ve really supported me over the last 6 weeks (I know, it’s already been SIX weeks!). And I’m busy.

And I’m sad. My little baby is growing and growing and I have such mixed feelings about being away from him. Each morning (if he wakes up before I leave for work at the crack of dawn) I swear he’s gained a pound and half an inch! The same thing when I get home in the evening.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to be home with him for 10 months, though, when most moms only get 3 or 4.