Summer Resolutions

Summer vacation has been in full swing for two weeks now.

To recap the last 6 months:
Teaching…. sleeping…. family time

Here are my resolutions for this summer:
Baby boot camp (fitness program that I can bring Tucker with and meet other moms and little ones). We went to our first session last Saturday and I was pretty dang sore for the three days that followed; I didn’t stretch nearly enough. It’s a teacher deal for the summer–three months for a flat $99. They do group cardio classes at the park near our home and yoga at the studio. They also have fun outings for the kids.

Albuquerque dining challenge (where Jason and I eat at local restaurants throughout the summer). We had lunch at the Fat Squirrel pub and grille in Rio Rancho on Wednesday (granted, we’d been there before, but it counts since it’s local). I’ve also compiled a list thanks to the suggestions of our friends.

Rio Rancho Bound (trying to sell our house in Albuquerque so we can move closer to my work). We’ve been working hard to get this house ready to list. The yard is what we’ve got to finish up in the next few days so we can LIST IT. We’ve also been working with our realtor and looking at some places in Rio Rancho. We totally feel like we’re on an episode of House Hunters.

Teacher Stuff (I’m going to be teaching new content areas next semester, as well as co sponsoring a club). I have to meet with and discuss curriculum with my two new co teachers (US History and 11th grade English). Additionally, I’ll be working with my co sponsor for the club (National History Day club) to develop our program. We’re checking out the projects bound for Nationals this weekend.

Musical Baby (exposing Tucker to rhythm and music early!). Tucker will begin Toddler Tunes at the NM School of Music in July.

I think that’s all…
💪 Tamara


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