Art in Book-form

I did NOT come up with this idea, but rather was presented the idea by a good friend who has been using Shutterfly to document her daughter’s art through elementary school. Now, my friend’s daughter is exiting 5th grade this year just as Tucker prepares to enter kindergarten.

If you have a kid in preschool, then you know that your kid does a boat-load of art. He or she makes hand-print art, finger paint art, art with glue, with glitter, art in both 2-D and 3-D (and 4-D if you capture it on video). Your kid probably asks to make art or some other constructive project on the regular. You’re probably up to your elbows in paint, glue, glitter, washi tape, construction paper, Popsicle sticks, Legos, etc. right now. And you’re probably wondering how in the world you’re going to be able to save it all!

You can’t. Or at least you can’t save most of it forever. Even if you somehow talk your kid’s teachers into using all acid-free paper for conservation, there would be just too much. Here’s where the genius of this site (and surely others like it if you know of others) comes into play.

By photographing or scanning your kid’s masterpieces, you’ve got digital evidence of their artistic prowess. Then, you can upload those digital files to a site like Shutterfly, create a keepsake book and BAM! You’ve got all those amazing (and maybe some not as amazing) pieces of art all in one place. You can display the original for a while, but then let it go.

The great thing about Shutterfly is that I started this art book a year and a half ago. We can add more pages and photos when we need to. When I log in, whenever I log in, my projects are still there. I have their app on my phone as well, so I can upload snapshots and candids whenever I like. Then I can add it to my project.

This will be our first art book, but we will continue to make them as Tucker moves forward in school.

Tucker Art Cover
Cover + Back Matter

*Shutterfly did not ask me to write this blog.