Fun, for Free (or almost free)

I wanted to do a follow-up on my previous freebie post.

I had mentioned Toys R Us in my last post. Since then, we’ve gone back a few more times for various make-and-take events.

In November, they had a Pokemon Mega Construx event. We learned from previous experience that we need to sign up for these things. Pokemon, being a MAJOR collector brand, was a HUGE draw. It was WAY crowded. We grabbed our pieces and instructions and fled. We were lucky enough to have been invited to my cousin’s baby shower the same day, so Tucker got to build his Pokeball there.


More recently, we joined Toys R Us once again for a make-and-take event. This one was a hero-themed Lego day. Tucker had the option of four different figures:

Tucker chose to make the bat girl. Now, usually they give us a the bits and directions to make the object. This time, however, we sat ourselves at a table with a giant bin of assorted Legos. Jason and Tucker got to work using just the image above as a guide to build the bat girl figure. It was pretty fun, especially when Tucker got his superhero mask.


Of course we are still sad about the closing of our favorite toy store.

So the Toys R Us events are free. For our final freebie (sorta), we do actually have to get a car wash.

We actually signed up for a membership to Mister Car Wash. For about $40 a month, we get unlimited car washes. We go every weekend; my car gets clean, smells great, and the boys have fun watching the cars run through the wash.

Some of the locations have these cool squirt guns for kids to “help” wash their cars.

What fun things do you do with your kids that are free (or nearly free)?