At the Gardens

The best membership we have is to our local BioPark. For the three of us, we pay less than $70 a year and can go to the Botanic Gardens, the Aquarium, and the Zoo almost anytime we want.

Over the years, the city of Albuquerque has done wonderful things at the gardens. They’ve expanded and revamped exhibits. They’ve added new exhibits like the BUGarium (see below), offer story-time for young kids, and have opportunities for older kids to learn and teach about plants and insects. It’s also just a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.

Tucker and I went to the gardens our last day of Spring Break. It was mildly windy, but sunny and cool. We meandered through the aquarium to start as we usually do.


Then, we made our way to the Children’s Fantasy Garden where we shrink down to the size of bugs and play amidst the veggies, insects, and gardening tools. Tucker loves exploring the maze made out of a sculpted fallen tree (complete with birds’ eggs), riding the ants, and traipsing through the giant pumpkin and carrots.

**Obligatory side-by-side photos of Tucker**

From the fantasy garden, we wondered around the Dragonfly Sanctuary Pond (we saw lots of ducks and geese) and snacked in the company of a wood duck and a Canadian goose (who really wanted us to feed it).

We took a walk through the BUGarium. We both have mixed feelings about this indoor exhibit. It’s fascinating, yet creepy too. A year ago, Tucker checked out the giant cockroaches up close and personal. Not so much this time.


Tucker did wait patiently for his chance to fly the bug simulator. In the past, he’s been pretty bad at the whole hand-eye-screen coordination, I’ll be honest. But, this year, he nailed it. He was moving his arms and actually making the beetle fly. Not only that, he got POINTS! It was a proud momma moment, to be sure!

After leaving the BUGarium, we finally made our way to some of the many gardens. We started with the Desert and Mediterranean Conservatories. These are indoor gardens, filled with indigenous (to their respective regions) plants.

Last, we headed back outside to the Old World Walled Gardens. Tucker took some time for photo ops. My favorite is the Ceremonial Garden. It’s LOVELY in spring and summer, but I was seriously considering it for a fall wedding (our wedding was in April, and not at the gardens).

We didn’t get to all the gardens. The Sasebo Japanese Garden is beautiful and reminds me of when Jason and I lived in South Korea. Next time.

How did you spend your Spring Break / Easter weekend?