One day, as we were walking across the street to check the mail, we noticed that someone had made two hopscotch courses on the sidewalk in front of our neighbor’s drive. Curious, Tucker attempted to hop through it a few times before we returned to our side of the road.

Fast forward to Saturday. Tucker woke up not feeling well. He’d stayed home the day before, and had a slight, lingering cough. We were supposed to have gone to a friend’s birthday party at a super cool, indoor bounce house place called Hoots, but because of Tucker still not feeling well, I let the other mom know that we would have to skip it.

By mid morning, Tucker was feeling a bit better. We still kept him home from the party so he could take it easy. By late afternoon, he was pretty much back to his old self…aside from a stuffy nose and a cough here and there. His energy levels had been replenished.

While not the same thing as Hoots, I thought it might be fun to make a hopscotch course of our own. We had the chalk and the walkway. So we did. It took a few tries to get Tucker hopping on one foot in the single boxes, but in the end, he got there. He also got some numeracy practice in and some fun just drawing all over the sidewalk.

How do you make lemonade with your lemons on “one of those days”?