A fun place we visit occasionally is a “you-paint” pottery store called Kiln It.

Summer before last, we were introduced to this type of store. For a flat rate, we could select a piece of pottery, paint it any way we wanted, leave for the proprietor to fire in a kiln, and pick it up within a week. Tucker and I were invited to a play date at a place out in Rio Rancho.

Tucker painted a cool race car, and I made some personalized presents for the grandparents.

Fast forward to that November, the day before Thanksgiving Break. Jason, Tucker, and I were wanting to go back to the place in Rio Rancho, but they were having some sort of craft fair. Undeterred, we went in search of “the other place” I had heard about from a friend. We were not disappointed.

A family-run operation, Kiln It had a cool studio vibe, and tons of figures to choose from. We decided to paint a family of turkeys. Then I followed them on Facebook.

One of the things I really like about the studio is their regular story times. One of the owners is also an area teacher, so she does a great job reading with the kiddos. We’ve done a few of these over the last year or so. Our first story time was “Giraffes Can’t Dance.” Tucker made a very red (his favorite color) giraffe. With some help.

Our second story time was “Pete the Cat Saves Christmas.” We turned this into another opportunity to make it family day. In addition to Tucker’s Santa, we painted an ornament for each of us. Well, Tucker painted Santa, and I painted Tucker’s ornament to look like the Grinch per his request and assistance. I also make the snowman and Jason made the snowflakes. After firing, they turned out even cooler! IMG_20171216_174844_993_resized

The most recent story time was for “Dragons Love Tacos 2” at which we painted a cute little dragon. I say “we” because it really is a joint effort. The figures need three good layers of paint in order to really turn out well. Tucker doesn’t quite have the technique down, so we help him out here and there.

Kiln It hosts all sorts of events, from these story times, to various paint technique clinics, as well as themes around local breweries, just to name a few. We HIGHLY recommend a visit.

What is you creative outlet?