Runner Kid

One of my coworkers in the social studies department is also the cross country coach for our school. I asked his advice for getting Tucker running more.

Tucker is a ball of energy; as far as athletics go, he loves two things: swimming and running.

My coworker suggested that we sign Tucker up for a Kid K (aka a fun run) to see how he formally liked running. After a little digging, I found the perfect run to start Tucker with. The Dino Dash, hosted by our local natural history museum. The cost was minimal and Tucker got a cool T-shirt and a race bib.

We had had Tucker taking science classes at the museum for about a year and a half, so he was very excited to learn that he would be participating in a fun run there.

A lot of the fun runs have a theme, and many of the racers did not disappoint when they selected their race attire.

The Dino Dash was, obviously, dinosaur themed and a lot of racers dressed in dino-themed leggings or shirts. Some even came in FULL dino costume. It was pretty awesome. We kept Tucker low-key. He’s got a pair of dino pajamas under his shorts and race shirt.

So, he was semi-hooked. Look at that proud finisher!

We ended up (or I ended up) signing him up for another one. This one was in October. Halloween themed, of course. This one was The Great Pumpkin Chase. As you can see, things just got real; little man earned a medal! And how fun to have a Halloween race–the costumes on ALL the racers were top notch. Way to show out, Albuquerque!

We skipped the Thanksgiving races (and there were a few). Instead, we opted for a Christmastime race. The Run, Run Rudolph. This race was cool because the fun run participants each got a pair of antlers AND a Rudolph nose. Our little racer did pretty awesome on this cold day! Also nice was the fact that the race was just down the way!

Tucker ran the Sweetheart Run in February. This race was just down the way (the other way) from our house at the Bosque School. Things were a little confusing at this race, and the fun runners (and their parents) weren’t sure where they would begin. Tucker did an AWESOME job, did his best, and was the 6th little kid to cross the finish line out of the 30 or so runners.

The post-run Tucker is pretty exhausted.

My husband, Jason, and I agreed that a kid k for Tucker every other month wasn’t too cost prohibitive. We want him to find things he loves, and right now he seems to love this, or at least enjoy it a lot. We have talked about getting ourselves into a running shape as well. Tucker may enjoy it now, but he may not if we (Jason and I) don’t join him. So that’s our plan. We want to be able to run the 2018 Run Run Rudolph WITH Tucker. And we are working toward that goal!

Last weekend, Tucker ran another kid k in the Albuquerque Marathon. He did great!

How do you get moving?

Cutting the Carbs

Dieting is NOT fun. And the least fun of the NOT fun diets, is the low-carb diet. It’s also been the one that’s worked the best for me recently. When Jason and I first turned to low-carb, we dropped weight FAST. I lost just over 40 pounds in a school year.

The thing about low-carb dieting though, is that you really do need to make it a long-term life change. It’s near impossible to be successful if you “cheat” on a low-carb diet. That weight will creep right back up if you don’t follow-up the low-carb strategy with something else.

When we first started, we were really good–and we went back and forth from low-carb (doing a 2-3 month stint) to a low-fat diet (for about a month) to change things up and kick-start our metabolisms when we felt the weight loss was tapering.

This past year, with the stresses of selling our house and a new living arrangement, we focused less on dieting and more on figuring out the best way to get back on track financially.

But we’ve again committed to each other that we will work toward healthier lives.

We eat a lot of eggs, meat, and dark green veggies.

A lot of the recipes we’ve been able to use has come from low-carb groups on Facebook, as well as tons of resources on Pinterest.

This week, we had these tasties…I liken them to French toast without the toast. I even found a sugar-free syrup that paired well with them.

Low-Carb Pancakes

My favorite discovery, however, has been fried green-beans, because we can’t eat french fries (or any potatoes at all), but we can have green-beans. We can have fried food, so long as it’s not breaded. Fry these up for about 15 or so minutes in 350-degree oil, lightly salted… AMAZING! Jason is making these tonight!

green beans.jpg

And for a sweet treat; I highly recommend this: Diet root beer float. For a better low-carb option, I use heavy whipping cream rather than half and half. I’ve also found that the vanilla extract doesn’t really add to the flavor, so I haven’t added it recently. So good!

I Got Your Tickets

Last month, Anna over at Piper’s Run posted an upcoming challenge she was going to do. A 30-day arm challenge. And, being the trying-to-NOT-be-lazy, responsible adults that Jason and I are trying every day to be, we decided to give the challenge a whirl.


We started the challenge on June 1st. The creator of the challenge is Ms. Jodi Higgs, who hosts a variety of challenges similar to this one.

And before you ask, no, there are no before and after shots of my guns. You don’t wanna see the befores. I just finished day 11, and boy are my arms tired. Next month, we’ll attempt Jodi’s Ab challenge I think. Providing, of course, that we survive this one.

**Question: How do you challenge yourself?**

The Road Less Traveled

The day was less than ideal for a long walk, yet perfect for one at the same time. It was the first really cool day in the last several days, with the threat of snow looming over us in the clouds above.

If it had JUST been a cold-ish day, it would have been great. But the wind made it more of an adventure.


For our second trek out into the world with the purpose of increasing our time and distance, Jason and I took the route he usually does when speed walking on his own. We were able to more than double our distance while increasing our pace.



We used the stroller without the car seat so Tucker could lay out and relax as we went, but next time, we’ll use it because of the high winds. Even with the visor, it didn’t protect T from the wind; with the car seat, at least he’d have twice the protection from the wind. Our other option is a cover like this one:


Instead, we bundled T up in this get up… it worked well enough.


**Question: How does your family stay fit together?**

Fit to be Tied

That’s right; it’s Friday and I’m officially cleared to begin REALLY exercising.

To start this thing off right, I weighed myself before breakfast. And I’ll be honest with you all; I put on a lot over the course of my pregnancy. A. LOT. Now, I wasn’t the ideal weight going into my pregnancy, but I had been working on it via Weight Watchers.

So. Full disclosure: from February 16 through October 11, I packed on a whopping 47 pounds. Full disclosure: I went from 242 to 289 in about nine months. And again, full disclosure: This morning (after 8 weeks) I stepped onto the scale and was “happily” surprised to see 2.5.0. So in eight weeks, one pound shy of 40 pounds lost.

To celebrate my first day truly back on the fitness band wagon, we all (my cute little family) went to the park nearby and walked around and through it. It was such a nice day, and with Jason at the “wheel,” we walked at a pretty decent pace.

1.35 miles in 32:46

When we returned home, Tucker had lunch, then Jason and I had ours. I made myself a tuna sandwich with a slice of EXTRA sharp cheddar on an Asiago bagel. I had a few carrot sticks, 1/4 cup of almonds, and a packet of dried seaweed on the side, and a Cutie for dessert.

And tonight, according to our meal calendar (I’ll write more about this soon), we’re having meatloaf for dinner. Yum, Yum!

**Question: How do you get fit?**