The Mysterious Affair…

…at Styles is a book by Agatha Christie that I just finished.

I have never considered reading anything by Christie until I moved to Korea. Here is why the sudden interest:

1. Every so often this show comes on and I am instantly drawn into the premise. Will Poirot solve the mystery (usually yes, if not always)? Who is the murderer? Why did they do it? We are, by our very nature, curious creatures… I indulge in my curious nature quite readily when I watch these shows.

2. This episode of Dr. Who was in my iTunes and that pretty well clinched it.

So this story is told from the perspective of a friend of Poirot, a man called Hastings. I find Hastings to be rather dense and full of himself. But as a story telling device, he’s rather useful to lead us through the murder mystery.

With plot twists and many surprises throughout, this is truly a masterful mystery story. I highly recommend this fun and quick read. I read it on my iPod Touch via the iBooks app. I wager the actual book is well under two hundred pages.