Naked Tuesday

Now before you get all excited, ESPECIALLY if you’re a new reader, you should know that this isn’t THAT type of blog. Get your mind outta the gutter…

But I am cray enough to title my post of the day something enticing… so it’s really my fault, and I forgive you.

It’s DAMN hot in our house today. We still swaddle Tucker, and on top of his cloth diaper and onesie, he was pretty well roasting.

We aren’t special enough to have any kind of pool; in ground, below ground, or cutesy plastic/inflatable/rubber wading pool. We do, however, have a garden tub. With jets.

So because Tucker was roasting like a thanksgiving turkey in his double-stuffed Dinkledooz diaper after his nap, we filled the tub with luke-warm water and Tucker and I had ourselves a nice cool soak. Tucker is getting more and more used to the water. He was super impressed with the water when we turned on the jets.

Naked (baby) Tuesday will likely be a regular thing as the spring yields to summer out here in the desert.


Just because it’s in the high 70’s doesn’t mean our house is temperate at all… it can get quite warm even in the 40s over night that has been the norm for the last few weeks. AC is getting turned on this week I hope.


Baby Takes a Bath

Now, I know that I said in yesterday’s post that I didn’t want to go all baby crazy, and I am going to hold to that. I’ll only mention my cute, amazingly adorable baby a few times throughout the month. He’s got a lot of milestones this month.

Anywho. Over the weekend, Jason (the Hubs) and I talked about getting the three of us on a good daily schedule to maximize our productivity. Since we both work from home and are the primary caregivers to Tucker, it’s imperative that we figure out the whole work-from-home + baby having thing. Up til now we’d only been giving Tucker a bath once a week. Before you say “Ew, gross!” you should know that this was on the suggestion of Tucker’s pediatrician. Tucker has some eczema, which can be made worse with too much bath time.

So, like I said, up til now we’d been doing a bath (with soap) once a week. Well, we’re going to incorporate bath time into our morning routine. This is for a multitude of reasons:

1. Jason HAS to be online in the evening to connect with his Korean office.

2. We’d like to get into a good schedule not only with the baby, but ourselves.

3. Showers (meaning Jason and I would actually get one. every. day!)

4. Tucker isn’t so into the water just yet and I want him to enjoy the water; so more exposure to the water is necessary.

We have a garden tub, it’s giant, and kinda awkward to get in an out of. But, it’s perfect for Tucker and I (in a bathing suit) to sit in while Jason washes Tucker. And this morning we had a good bath, then a nice nap for Tucker after (since he likes to get up at 7, he’s usually still pretty tired by 8:30-9).

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