Baby Book Wish List

So, I’ve not truly invested in many baby books. We have the obligatory “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and a follow-up that Jason bought me on Mother’s Day called: Eating Well When You’re Expecting. I haven’t really read too much of the latter, because while I’m sure it’s chock-full of useful dietary insight, it’s not exactly geared toward me. By this I mean me, a prior-to-pregnancy plus-sized mother-to-be.

I find most resources for plus-sized pregnant ladies to be severely lacking. Most sources say to lose weight before conceiving. That’s nice. I wasn’t able to do that. Here I am, pregnant anyway, and the sources give me nothing. No words of advice other than “you’re high risk,” “beware of gestational diabetes,” and “you should absolutely only gain no more than 20 pounds…or else.” Not exactly supportive.

When Borders went out of business, Jason and I cleaned up on pregnancy lit… but we didn’t want to go too overboard. We picked up a ton of children’s books we’d never heard of, this WTE Pregnancy Journal (I use it to hold our sonogram pictures) and a book for Jason so he can read up on how to be more supportive and understanding of my newly acquired pregnancy brain. Jason also bought me (for Mother’s Day) this book by Jenny McCarthy. It’s pretty blunt, and very funny.

And of course, what pregnant lady would be complete without at least a dozen pregnancy magazines? Our OB sent us home after our first visit with a nice stack. I got more for Mother’s Day, and I even bought a subscription to one that boasts pregnancy and parenting (I’ve not actually received this mag in the mail yet, but they cashed my check, so any day now…).

But, the real purpose of this post is to generally talk about the lack of literature out there for plus-sized mommies-to-be. I found one book at amazon that speaks specifically to that end… ONE. The book does contain some additional websites, such as this one, that I had already checked out. Very helpful!

And it’s number one on my baby book wish list.

Number two is one that I heard about in our childbirth class and had been talked about by this blogger.

And, while I already found a lot of information (discussed here) about pets and new baby, I do want to find more information on that as well. Needless to say, I have things to read, and very little time to do it.

We’re Bookin’ It

In my “here’s my first official pregnancy post” I mentioned I was considering writing about things like shopping for baby. And I did post recently about the ginormous bear Jason and I just got from Costco.

Even more recently–today in fact–Jason and I ventured over to the Hastings down the road to seek out great deals on “previously viewed” DVDs. Success in that area of entertainment was all mine. I found a newer Stephen King movie for less than $2, and a Hugh Grant / Drew Barrymore Ro-Co for under $3.

As we were scoping out the other departments, we finally ended up in kiddy bookland. Not wanting to spend too much today, we settled on a nice collection Mr. / Little Miss books and a Curious George compilation in hardback.

A while back, we were working through another bout of nesting. Only this time we were on the hunt for clothes. This is our collection so far. My mom is also compiling her own stash of baby things. Our shopping forays have resulted in a small collection of onesies. We are looking forward to finding out the gender in the next few weeks so we can branch out to colors like purple and pink, or dark blue and red.

The Mysterious Affair…

…at Styles is a book by Agatha Christie that I just finished.

I have never considered reading anything by Christie until I moved to Korea. Here is why the sudden interest:

1. Every so often this show comes on and I am instantly drawn into the premise. Will Poirot solve the mystery (usually yes, if not always)? Who is the murderer? Why did they do it? We are, by our very nature, curious creatures… I indulge in my curious nature quite readily when I watch these shows.

2. This episode of Dr. Who was in my iTunes and that pretty well clinched it.

So this story is told from the perspective of a friend of Poirot, a man called Hastings. I find Hastings to be rather dense and full of himself. But as a story telling device, he’s rather useful to lead us through the murder mystery.

With plot twists and many surprises throughout, this is truly a masterful mystery story. I highly recommend this fun and quick read. I read it on my iPod Touch via the iBooks app. I wager the actual book is well under two hundred pages.

A Book Club

Upon the request of my sister, LeAnna, I have created a blog for our newly formed book club. She asked that I create a space for people who don’t have Facebook, but who love to read and want to participate in book discussions and conversations. The Facebook link is here and we’ve just begun 100 Years of Solitude.

100 Years of Solitude

Our International Book Club currently has members in three countries, including Mexico, the US (California, Nevada, and New Mexico), and South Korea.