Going Through the Motions

And by that, I simply mean that an engaged couple, living abroad, planning their wedding from afar, can only pretend to know what may be delicious to serve for dinner at their wedding. When given an extensive (we’re talking pages and pages) list of possibilities from just ONE caterer, that couple can ONLY go through the motions. They can’t do much else but read the list, check what sounds good for their Southwest/locally-grown inspired menu. Well, they can salivate. We did that, too.

So here’s the place we’re thinking about booking to cater. They also make special shaped cakes, which is spectacular for what I want for the groom’s cake. Shall I divulge that yet? I suppose it’s only fair to let you in on the bonus theme. Ours will look a little something like this.

In other, wedding related news, Susan booked her flight for my August dress shopping weekend! I’m so excited! Now ALL my ladies will be there (minus the flower girl, but we’ll get to do some shopping around Christmas I think)! Plus my Momma (if she’s feeling up to it) and my Aunt Erin.