From Vine to Cookie: The Little Grape that Could

Of the three varieties of fruit we were lucky enough to inherit from the previous owners of our house, only one of them was productive. Technically, all three were productive, managing to make fruit, but only one was productive enough for human consumption. The plums never sweetened up and the apples went crabby.

But our grape vines were VERY productive. So productive in fact, that we’ve been more than impressed with ourselves in aiding these plants generate such an abundance of grapes.

In an effort to get the most out of our backyard grapes, Jason stated early on that he intended to try his hand at making raisins. This statement was made shortly after my mom presented us with her seldom-used food dehydrator. We never really intended to go all out this year and try juicing or making jelly/jam. What we did discuss was how to set up even more vines for next year. A real Grape Escape, complete with one of these.

To begin, Jason collected, de-vined, and washed the grapes. Then he delicately placed them onto the trays of the food dehydrator.

After all the little grapes are snug in the dehydrator, we left it running… and running…and running. According to the manufacturer’s website, grapes take ten to thirty-six hours. Now, granted, our dehydrator is a little more antiquated than what they currently have listed on the website, but come on… it took about two days (literally 50 hours of enduring the low hum of the machine).

But, in the end, it was well worth the hum.. er wait. All those grapes gave us all these raisins. More than one man needs (one man is all who’s gonna eat them too because I don’t).


And what better way to use these raisins up than to use them in cookies. Oatmeal cookies.

A few days ago I was reading this blog, and while her cookies have neater things than raisins in them, it reminded me that I promised Jason I would make him cookies with his raisins.

So today, between work projects, I did just that. I just used the recipe from the Quaker Oatmeal box.

Everything you need for making cookies… Including a kitteh cookie jar for storage.
Mixed together
Dough balls
Save the rest for later

And finally, after a batch without raisins (for me) and one with (for Jason), we have cookies.

His and Hers Oatmeal Cookies


Wow, I just wrote a blog not 5 minutes ago, and I am now writing another.

About two weekends ago, I found a recipe for pumpkin cookies. I have been in the pumpkin mood since the beginning of the month. Living in Korea makes it a bit difficult to find that particular veggie, however. They aren’t really big on Halloween and Thanksgiving is, after all, a US holiday. While Christmas is gaining momentum, the Western idea of a Christmas dinner isn’t so popular. In a nutshell… no pumpkin puree, no pumpkin pie.

They do have harbor squash here though. It is essentially an equal substitute for the kind of pumpkin used in pies and other tasty desserts. So, that was a fun process… steam the squash (two of them) in our very small vegetable steaming cage, puree them in a food processor, then add them to the other ingredients. Whala, taste’s like pumpkin.

The recipe I used is here, and any site you can find with instruction for puree is good. It’s pretty simple if you use a microwave or vegetable steamer. It takes a lot longer if you bake the squash.

Sorry, no pictures, they were eaten too fast! Boyfriend and co-workers really loved them though.