Fit to be Tied

That’s right; it’s Friday and I’m officially cleared to begin REALLY exercising.

To start this thing off right, I weighed myself before breakfast. And I’ll be honest with you all; I put on a lot over the course of my pregnancy. A. LOT. Now, I wasn’t the ideal weight going into my pregnancy, but I had been working on it via Weight Watchers.

So. Full disclosure: from February 16 through October 11, I packed on a whopping 47 pounds. Full disclosure: I went from 242 to 289 in about nine months. And again, full disclosure: This morning (after 8 weeks) I stepped onto the scale and was “happily” surprised to see 2.5.0. So in eight weeks, one pound shy of 40 pounds lost.

To celebrate my first day truly back on the fitness band wagon, we all (my cute little family) went to the park nearby and walked around and through it. It was such a nice day, and with Jason at the “wheel,” we walked at a pretty decent pace.

1.35 miles in 32:46

When we returned home, Tucker had lunch, then Jason and I had ours. I made myself a tuna sandwich with a slice of EXTRA sharp cheddar on an Asiago bagel. I had a few carrot sticks, 1/4 cup of almonds, and a packet of dried seaweed on the side, and a Cutie for dessert.

And tonight, according to our meal calendar (I’ll write more about this soon), we’re having meatloaf for dinner. Yum, Yum!

**Question: How do you get fit?**

Badmiton and a Marathon

Last weekend, Jason and I decided to get out and enjoy some fresh air. By this, we took ourselves down a few blocks from the apartment to a set of tennis courts we had discovered a while back. When we first found them, we thought “hey, great site for some badminton” so after we got around to buying rackets and shuttlecocks (yes, I know – horrible name), we eventually got around to getting out to play.

In all honesty, I’m a tennis girl, and I have been known to dabble in racket ball on occasion. I don’t think I had played badminton since I was maybe ten. Jason, on the other hand, is actually a decent player (albeit a little rusty after not having played in several month). So, after phone calls to parents and getting our selves ready, we embarked on our little excursion to the courts.

We tend to get places in round about ways; our apartment isn’t exactly on an artery street. On this day, as we approach the main road along which we’ll get to the courts, we see blockade. There are barricades and cute little policemen in puffy State issue police jackets standing at attention. They are the army that keeps ambitious and aggressive Korean drivers (we are in Korea after all) from plowing into thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of marathoners.

It was amazing to see so many runners, and while I do live in a huge city, seeing that many people, is a little awe-inspiring. Many of you know, I did my small share of marathoning (3 half’s in a year and a half), and seeing all these people running, really touched a nerve. A good nerve… The link for the event is here.

Now, I’m not going to say that I am vowing to get back into my running (I have a few pounds to lose before I attempt anything drastic like Sunday morning 8-milers) but I think it’s gotten me thinking more and more about my health. So I will vow to take my health much more seriously and strive to influence Jason to the same end.

Back to our game of badmiton… we sucked, pretty heinously. But we had fun and were good and sore the next day. Our main problem was the wind and the sun, when we got a good volley going, either Jason would be blinded by the sun in his eyes, or the wind would blow the shuttlecock back at me and after trying to get it over the net two more times, I just let it go. We played for MAYBE 30 minutes (neither of us had a clock) and made our way back toward the apartment.

Actually, upon finding the marathon blocking our way across the street, we attempted to get an early lunch from the kimchi jigae place nearby. At 11:15, they were not open. But, after walking to the underpass further down the main street and getting our game on, and then returning via the same route, the restaurant was open and an excellent lunch of kimchi jigae was enjoyed by all. Who cares that we were sweaty and smelly from playing, we didn’t. There were enough elite athletes about, that it didn’t really matter.

So, this weekend, we hope to get out and play again; although we’re hitting up the über zoo and I will actually get to see dolphins for the first time in real life. I’m excited!