Gender Bias

No, I am pretty secure in saying that we have no gender bias here. In fact, our little family is rather even-Steven when it comes to that issue. There’s Jason, Abner, and Ebeneezer for the boy’s side, and me, Millie, and Lillith for the girls. True, Abner, Ebeneezer, Millie, and Lillith are all cats and shouldn’t really count toward the family, but they do.

In just under twelve hours, Jason and I are set to discover the gender (or biological gender if we’re being PC) of our much-anticipated new addition. We’d thought about hosting a “Gender Reveal” party, like this one, but the prospect of pulling something like that off in less than a week appealed much less. So we settled for a Facebook Pole. According to our friends, 11 have guessed boy and 11 have guessed girl, so there you are–even-Steven again.

Both Jason and I are über excited to discover if we’re having a boy (in which case we’re really going to have to buckle down and figure out a name) or a girl (in which case we can breathe a sigh of relief because we’ve got the perfect name picked out already). In any case, we’ll keep you updated once we know more!

**Question: What do YOU think we’re having?**