The Mob Mentality

Last weekend, I had the chance to participate in a very cool event.

In today’s economy, it’s often hard to scrape together a few bucks to help out a fellow community member. Often, small businesses are at the mercy of their larger, corporate counterparts. A lot of times, small businesses fail because they cannot compete with places like Walmart.

While we were still in Korea, just days before leaving to return home, I saw a video about a cash mob.

If you are familiar with a flash mob, during which seemingly random groups of people burst into song or dance at a prescribed time and place, a cash mob is similar.

As with a regular flash mob, a cash mob is assimilated via social networking sites. And while the purpose of flash mobs are to have fun and entertain, a cash mob has a different purpose: to come to the aid of locally owned small businesses.

I had the opportunity to participate in a recent cash mob hosted by an organization called Albuquerque Cash Mob. They’ve mobbed 14 Albuquerque-area proprietors to date.

I really think this is just a great way for people to give back to their community in a fun way. We meet at a locally owned restaurant, then shop. It’s a double win.

I hope to do more of these sorts of events. To this one, I brought Jason and our friend Jamie. We found ourselves in Albuquerque’s south valley at an antique mall-type place. Very neat stuff there!

I’ll have to post our haul pics in a separate post, but we picked up some cool stuff (for us).