Another Obligatory Cat Blog

I feel the need to write about something other than being pregnant, so this is my foray into just that.

I suppose I’m not technically a cat lady because I live in a pretty nice sized house and am married… although I could be considered for the title because there are four little animals running around this house. In all fairness, however, the hubby is a cat man (if such a term exists), and has had family cats and cats of his own longer than I have.

I like to think of my self as a cat AND dog person. While I don’t get all fanatical about my animals, I do enjoy dropping some coin for them when I can. My family’s dogs are still living with my parents. Every now and again I like to pop into this cute patisserie and pick up a few treats for Copper and Nikki.

And para los gatos? Since they actually live with us, Jason and I do tend to visit our local Petsmart often (about monthly) to get big things like scratching posts and kitty litter when we’re desperate (otherwise we try to buy bulk from Costco…there are FOUR cats, remember). Last December, after the holidays, we hit up Target and scored a ton of holiday-inspired cat toys… they’ll get them in their stockings this year.

Speaking of toys and treats for the cats, our last venture to Petsmart resulted in a new litter box (one for four cats wasn’t cutting it and we needed something to tide us over until we got around to ordering this one) and few toys.

Abner–the BIG boy–is prone to chewing on anything plush, so in order to save our baby toys and our own sentimental stuffies, we packed everything with stuffing away in the baby-room closet. This also meant that the cats had a limited supply of items they could actually play with. The result was our afore-mentioned trip to Petsmart. Random, cat-friendly items were purchased. We also picked up one of those feather-duster looking things to get the cats really active. A well-exercised cat is a calm, non-neurotic cat.

The day before yesterday, I was playing with the feather-duster toy. Ebenezer and Lillith LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing. They are very into movement and hunting. Millie also has taken a bit of interest (although she tends to enjoy tossing stuffed / rubber mice into the air for herself and amuses herself that way). But Ebenezer and Lillith go nuts with this thing. They can get some serious height…like two feet!

During this particular play time, Ebenezer was flipping and flopping for the feathers when he inadvertently landed too close to Lillith who is a definite Prima Donna. Needless to say, Lillith got P.O.ed and Ebenezer got a face full of massive Maine Coon paw. His poor little face was swollen for about 24 hours.

After checking out the area around his eye, I wasn’t able to detect any cuts or wounds, so luckily for all of us, it really was just a good wallop and not something more serious. He was walking around all that night and most of the next day pretty pathetic looking. But he was a real trooper and still more alert than his brother–by this I mean that Ebenezer is decidedly more active than Abner, even on a bad day.

As for Abner… he’s not at all that interested in the feather-duster. He responds to the jingle of the attached bell, but he doesn’t go after it at all. He’s more of an observer. Perhaps he’s rebelling since we took away all his toys. I’m not exactly sure how to get a chubby kitty to exercise if he’s not interested in anything cat-related. Although he did used to run with me in Korea when I would run around the apartment… food for thought.

Lillith & Millie
Ebenezer & Abner

Left Behind

When I moved out to Seoul in the summer of 2009, I knew what I was leaving behind. I was leaving my family and friends who happen to be the most valuable and important people in my life. I was leaving my car (don’t judge me, it’s a Ford) and the roads of my high desert home for the public transportation dominated streets and rails of the “land of morning calm” (sounds kinda like a coffee ad). I was also leaving behind my two cats, Millie and Lillith, and my two dogs, Copper and Nikki.

You all already know (or if not, you will know by the time you finish this sentence) that Jason and I just sent our two Siamese boys back home. They just turned a year old on the 9th, and have been gone for almost a month. 3.5 months without them will be…quiet, to say the least.

This morning, I got an email from my mom (I got three actually, but one of them inspired this post) about my oldest cat, Millie.

Millie is my baby. I’ve had her since she was a kitten. She’s just over 10 years old.

For a few weeks, in 2000, I worked at a local vet. My job was to clean cages and feed animals. Far from glamorous. The vet was holding two kittens, both had been abandoned by their owners. Because of their age, the two were put into the same cage. One was all white (but for a few black hairs on the forehead) and the other was an orange tiger. Obviously, the white one was Millie. The orange one, the most friendly lil’ guy, was Stanley. I adopted them both.

To save time, I won’t go too much into the details. Stanley had been severely injured by his previous owner’s young child, so he only had the use of his two front legs. One of his hind legs had been amputated, and the other (because of nerve damage) was useless. Regardless of this, he had an amazing spirit and LOVED to be held. Unfortunately, several months after getting them home, Stanley took a turn for the worse, and I had to say goodbye to him.

After that, Millie became exceedingly attached to me. I am pretty attached to her too!

And she is waiting patiently, apparently in my bedroom window, for my return.

Millie listens to 93.3