Some Preemptive DIY

Jason and I are getting antsy to do something with this house.

On Monday we had a guy come out to look at our furnace…it was refusing to turn off the heat in our back bedroom and laundry room. We even had my dad out to check the thermostat. He removed said thermostat and still, the dang furnace continued to run the heat to that area! Anyhow, we had the guy come out and he fiddled with some crap wires and unplugged the whole unit. Problem solved, for now… except before he goes he says, “It’s an old unit, it could go out in a week, or in 5-10 years.” So we get a quote for the repairs for the crap wires and some other bits that were more pressing to replace. $1180 including labor. We’re waiting to hear back on how much a whole new unit would cost. Even if it’s two and a half times as much, it’s a good deal since they last 20-30 years. Ours is circa 1987.

So we’ve resigned ourselves to spending a lot of moo-la. It also means we can’t do AS much for the house, cosmetically, as we initially wanted in the short-term. But tonight, we started another little something we’re both excited to see finished.

Granted, I think the baby room will be painted before we move forward with this DIY project, but we’re excited for the challenge of completing it.

The Plan

  • Reseal the skylight.
  • Remove odd frame.
  • Remove nasty wall board.
  • Replace wall board with lovely, new wall board and texturize and paint to match the rest of the ceiling.
  • Fill in the cut bits of the 2x4s to reestablish the integrity of the supports.
  • Make faux wood beams like this guy, stain, and install.
  • Paint entire bathroom a pretty, subdued green color.

Note: Jason is spraying bug poison to eliminate an exceptionally obnoxious cricket who managed to find its way behind the wall boards in our gaping hole, I mean skylight cavity thing… apparently it’s giant-normous. It’s been there for well over two weeks keeping us up at night.  

**Question: What is on  your DIY bucket list for the near future?**


I needed to vent a little energy this morning. Instead of plopping in front of the TV and eating peanuts like popcorn, I painted.

Last year, I was into painting. I bought a set of acrylic paint, water colors (and water-color paper), and a few randomly sized canvases. I posted most of the other paintings I did a while ago on my other blog.

Today, I felt the need to really visualize the color palette I am looking to have. And I came up with the painting below.

It’s a mix of purples and a hint of green which I’m thinking looks about right for my scheme.

It’s also really hard not being home so I can go shopping, settle on my favors and decor, play dress up, and take my ABQ ladies for tea.

15 more weeks.

Wedding Colors

Knit Me Something Warm to Wear

I thought I would change up my MO a bit. Previously I have posted about cooking and baking, but today I want to talk about another hobby I’ve been working on. I actually learned to knit a few years ago (before moving to Korea). My aunt’s mother is an amazing crafter of a multitude of genres and she introduced me to knitting. To start, she gave me HUGE knitting needles, which I have somewhere in my closet back home.

When I moved out here in 2009 the winter months were a big downer. Having to be at work and stay in the office throughout the day was quite depressing. I missed the sun, and I was not the happiest of foreigners, let me tell you. Jason suggested I find some hobbies. I took up painting/drawing and I also took up knitting. I should say that I invested a little more time into hobbies I already had, but which I had not engaged in for quite some time.

The art turned out ok, for the most part. I dabbled in abstract, but not quite as successfully at realist. I actually haven’t painted or drawn anything in quite a while–several months in fact. I’ve been baking and cooking more regularly, so that takes up more of my time. Take a look at some of my art projects:

When Jason and I first moved into our apartment in September of ’09, we soon discovered a really awesome alley on which vendors sell a wide selection of fresh, seasonal fruit or veggie. It’s a veritable farmers market that is open year round (although in the extreme cold or heat there are fewer people out). Along this road we also can find plants, beans & legumes, blankets, fresh fish, as well as a plethora of Korean side and main dishes. The smells, as we meander down this road that runs about four blocks, are distinct. The atmosphere, exciting.

Upon discovering this road, we also discovered this shop:

It was actually closed today, either because of the fact it was MAYBE 5 degrees (F) out, or it was Sunday. The woman who owns it usually has a ton of yard on display. When I finally decided I was going to take up knitting, we came here. I picked out a large, 10,000 won, hank of purple yarn and Jason was able to communicate enough with her to let her know we wanted to purchase that and a set of needles (quite difficult, actually). It took me about 6 months to knit my purple scarf. Mainly because after a while I would get bored and put it away. I did finish it though, and have worn the extra long scarf nearly every day this winter. A few months before the Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas season, I decided I would make one for Jason. He picked out a nice red hank of yarn (although the cost had gone up a thousand won) from the same lady.

 It’s coming along nicely. I plan on finishing it by his birthday in February. Wish me luck!