34 Weeks–1.5 more months

In less than six weeks (supposedly) our little man will be here.

As you can see, he’s pretty much ready to be here… or I am ready for him to be here.

A little black & white for that retro feel.

And in true geek-chic fashion, I was sporting my Doctor Who shirt. Technically it’s Jason’s, but it makes more sense if I’m wearing it.

Yes, yes I am your mummy.

We just got back from our favorite baby store, an awesome used/consignment clothing and baby gear shop a few blocks down the road from us, and I’m excited to report that we FINALLY got a bassinet! Pictures are yet to come… I want to wash the fabric first. But the plan is to have Tucker in the bassinet in our bedroom with us for a while, especially for the first few months.

Two Ups, Two Downs

Two Ups

1. All the baby furniture has been bought and paid for. Now we’re playing the waiting game for the last piece to come in and everything to be shipped out from Kentucky. Fingers crossed it only takes two weeks.

2. We’ve decided to make the über investment and go the cloth diaper route. We decided on this brand to start with. The starter kit comes with a toilet attachment for easy rinsing. So helpful. Of course, I’ll be breastfeeding and according to the pros, breastfed babies’ cloth diapers don’t necessarily need to be rinsed. Just toss into the machine. We’ll see.

Two Downs

1. Carpal tunnel has taken another finger hostage. Now, my thumb, index finger, and middle finger are all enduring some degree of numbness. The doc says that there’s really nothing to be done… except deliver the baby. I just need to be careful when holding things so I don’t spill hot coffee/tea on myself or drop a plate.

2. I’ve been enjoying the hot hot summer. This means super swollen ankles and feet. Read: sarcasm.

Week 28…AKA The Third Trimester

Finally. We have arrived at the much-anticipated third trimester. While my body has been screaming third for the last few weeks, with the additions of pelvic widening and what I am assuming is sciatica, I had been enjoying my second trimester. Although, admittedly, I was ready for a change. From what I hear, the third trimester is no walk in the park. Supposedly many of my first trimester symptoms, like nausea and vomiting, will be making a comeback. Hooray.

This week alone has been quite eventful and I dare say…freaky.


We’ve set a date for our baby shower, which is being hosted by my lovely friend, Deb. She’s a mother of two awesome (and insightful) little boys and has been SUCH a help with all things new-baby related. She helped me pick out just about everything on our Babies R Us gift registry, right down to recommending a tried and true brand of diaper rash ointment.

Two Ups, Two Downs

The Ups

1. I took the GD test two weeks ago and got the results last Thursday…PASSED, with flying colors. This is a huge relief since, as most of you will remember, I was pretty concerned about it. Also during this appointment we got the regular evals: urine (fine), weight (annoying, but doc said I’m trending so nothing to worry about…I’ll just have more to lose postpartum), fundal height (28 cm), and fetal heart rate (155bps, good and strong).

2. We had another sonogram last Friday, during which we got to see THe baby again. He was all wiggles and a bit evasive. But, he’s growing well and that’s what’s important. According to the sonographer, THe baby is (or was, a week ago) 2.9 pounds and has a heart rate of 145 (lower than the day before, but I figure it’s more accurate since the OB was using a portable Doppler rather than a finely-tuned ultrasound wand) bps…which SHOULD be slowing as we get closer to the EDD.

The Downs

1. Continued pelvic and lower back pain make moving about pretty difficult. And it’s pretty sucky feeling a hundred at 31.

2. This happened. At the urging of my mom, I called the doctor yesterday and got a return phone call this morning. Again… normal. I just need to be on the look out for severe abdominal pain and cramping, in which case I am to call back to see the doc ASAP. I guess the outcome is an Up, but the event was DEFINITELY a Down.


Other random events of the past two weeks included Jason starting jury duty and being put on a trial (we’re hoping they finish deliberations today!). As a result of last week’s car mishap, my dad was staying here this week to help drive Jason to jury duty downtown and stay with me during the day. Since we got the car back on Wednesday evening, my dad is going back home tonight. It will be lonely, but hopefully Jason won’t be put on another trial during his last week of jury duty.

Now that I’m 28 weeks, it’s recommended that I track fetal movements daily. A good test to go by is the ten-in-twelve test. This means that baby should be moving (ie kicking) ten times in a twelve-hour period. There are loads of resources to help us mommies track the kicks we feel. There are downloadable charts and tons of apps. I shelled out the .99 for this one, and have started tracking.

I finally (like, this morning) got around to making these:

They are Banana Bran muffins. I got the recipe off our box of Kroger Bran Flakes. They are pretty good for a bran muffin. Both my dad and I have had our share, and we’re saving the rest for Jason  and for consumption at a later time… like desert or something.

26 Weeks … Movin’ Right Along

So here we are. I haven’t blogged much this last week. It’s been hot, I’ve been pregnant. Not much to write about. I managed to only slightly mess up my 4th of July dessert, and it still tastes great.

I am just a week shy of the 7th month and… the THIRD trimester. Some days I feel huge, others…well, I can’t tell if I really am getting bigger.

I’m keeping this short today.

Two Ups, Two Downs

The Ups

1. Baby Blanket: I discovered this gem of a pattern on YouTube a few weeks back and decided to give it a whirl. I’m about a quarter of the way finished and am really liking how it’s turning out. Of course, I can’t wait to finish it–my first knitting project that isn’t a scarf!

2. Glucose Test: I did finally get around to taking the GD screening test. I drove 20 minutes to the lab in Rio Rancho because it seemed closer. It’s probably just as far as the one at my hospital. And that orange drink that I’ve heard such horrible things about–it wasn’t too bad either. It reminded me of flat orange soda or a melted orange popsicle.

Two Downs

1. Swelling: I’ve had the displeasure of swollen ankles and feet and forearms and wrists and fingers and toes for the last few weeks. This crap is normal. Normal sucks. I had to take my wedding ring off, and my flip-flops are getting so tight they are leaving impressions on my feet.

2. Insomnia: I can’t truly say I have insomnia, but I toss and turn from my left to my right side about a hundred times each night. My abdominal muscles and my lungs and other in-the-vicinity-of-my-uterus organs are constricted so much that it really hurts to move. But I have to move because of the tingling and numbness in the arm of whichever side I’m laying on. It’s a vicious cycle.


24 Weeks… The Sixth Month

As my last month of trimester numero dos gets underway, I’m reminded that during my first trimester, I really did not like being pregnant. I think the first 15-16 weeks were full of pain, worry, and morning sickness. I did not like it. This month–this trimester really–we’ve actually been giving more thought to a second baby…some day.

They say that the second trimester is the “honeymoon” stage in a woman’s pregnancy. I have loads more energy. I’m happier, and I’m feeling a lot better. But, alas, it’s nearly over. All too soon, I’ll be in the third trimester. The one where I’ll have a baby the size of a watermelon balancing on my tiny bladder–squashing it into submission.

24 Weeks!

I have to remind myself–and I haven’t really forgotten this, but it’s hard to stay focused on the prize when the getting there is so tumultuous–that in a few short months (October is surely creeping up on us like one of our stalking cats) we will have our little chicken, our little bundle of new person.

I have been listening to old episodes of The Pregtastic Podcast via iTunes the last week or so. They do have a lot of really great information about different things, such as prenatal exercise plans, doulas, baby screening, and gestational diabetes to name a few. It was (I think they are no longer transmitting) a weekly podcast which began in 2006.

At the beginning of each episode–at least the 20 or so I’ve heard so far–each woman introduces herself and subsequently lists her “two ups and two downs” for the week. These are, as the name implies, the good and the bad experiences for the week.

For my weekly/biweekly updates, I am going to start including my own two ups and two downs. This way, I can share my positive experiences as well as put out my negative ones for my readers to perhaps offer suggestions.

Two Ups:

1. In the last two weeks, the baby has become really active. So active, I can see my belly move. It’s very exciting. Last week the OB said he wouldn’t be making himself felt regularly until the following week (ie, this week). With all the movement, Jason STILL hasn’t felt anything. I’ve taken to recording my belly…

2. We have a plan and paint swatches for the nursery. We popped over to Home Depot last Thursday (because I randomly got paid a week early this month) and picked up the preliminary painting supplies Jason needed to get started. Rollers, brushes, drop cloth, bucket, etc. He then spent the evening removing all the face-plates from the electrical and phone outlets in the room and scraping off excess paint globs left from the rush paint job the previous owners did before selling. Now we’re pricing out the paint to see where we can find the best deal.

Two Downs:

1. I think I am getting pregnancy-related carpal tunnel. The last several nights I have been woken up in the middle of the night with my hands almost completely numb. Generally it’s in my right hand (my dominate hand), and I wake to that lovely sensation of pins and needles. My wrists are tight, and it’s hard to get full mobility in them… flexing is uncomfortable, as though I need to stretch it out for a good long time.

2. I have my 1-hour GD test coming up in about 2.5 weeks. I’m almost certain I’m going to fail, just because of my weight. Also, my maternal grandmother had geriatric diabetes, and while I’m only 31, it’s still “in my genes.” I guess we’ll have to wait on that one. I just want to get it over with!

**Question: What are your two ups and two downs this week (doesn’t have to be pregnancy related!)?**