Going Through the Motions

And by that, I simply mean that an engaged couple, living abroad, planning their wedding from afar, can only pretend to know what may be delicious to serve for dinner at their wedding. When given an extensive (we’re talking pages and pages) list of possibilities from just ONE caterer, that couple can ONLY go through the motions. They can’t do much else but read the list, check what sounds good for their Southwest/locally-grown inspired menu. Well, they can salivate. We did that, too.

So here’s the place we’re thinking about booking to cater. They also make special shaped cakes, which is spectacular for what I want for the groom’s cake. Shall I divulge that yet? I suppose it’s only fair to let you in on the bonus theme. Ours will look a little something like this.

In other, wedding related news, Susan booked her flight for my August dress shopping weekend! I’m so excited! Now ALL my ladies will be there (minus the flower girl, but we’ll get to do some shopping around Christmas I think)! Plus my Momma (if she’s feeling up to it) and my Aunt Erin.


My Ladies of Bridal

The ladies in my bridal party include a rocket scientist, a newlywed, a newly (holy cow, how is she able to drive already?) licensed driver, a total ham, and a little cutie.


The inclusion of my friends Susan (the rocket scientist AKA Maid of Honor) and Katy (the newlywed AKA Matron of Honor) were fairly easy decisions to make.


The Rocket Climber

I’ve known this woman for nearly two decades. We’ve been through it all–band, boys, college, grad school, bar hoppin’, and job searchin’. But, at the end of the day, she’s truly one of the few people I can’t imagine experiencing this day without.

I’m so proud of her too. When I first met her, she was shy and hardly what you might call adventurous. But look at her! Scaling cliffs!

She’s become SUCH an independent and adventurous woman.

So, not only is she super smart (did I mention she’s a rocket scientist?), but funny, beautiful, adventurous, and talented.

I love her!


To be fair, I love all my girls!



It’s funny how life works sometimes. With Katy, we were destined to be friends. Case in point: The first time I met her, we were out with mutual friends and although we had never met before, we thought it would be HILARIOUS if she were to prank call my little brother (he was about 15-16 at the time). She had him convinced that they had met previously and he and his buddy, John, were actually considering sneaking out to meet up with her. And that was that… we went our separate ways.

A few months later, we were going to be hiring a new girl in the classified ads office at the Daily Lobo. Who should walk in but that same hilarious girl?

In the course of our friendship we’ve been each other’s shoulders to cry on, support systems, driving companions (around ABQ and to LA), we’ve even been each other’s “boss” (I wrote for her at the paper when she was the News Editor, and she freelances for me at the publishing company).


Who to ask to be my bridesmaids was a tough call.


Not because I didn’t know who to ask, just that I wasn’t sure they would want to. Teenagers… IE: Rachel (the newly [holy crap she’s 16!] licensed driver) and Jordan (probably the funniest girl I know).

Responsible Beauty
Goofy AND Gorgeous

Both of these young ladies are my cousins. They are sisters. And I’ve LOVED being able to watch them grow from little babies to the brave, conscientious, smart, and funny young women they are today. Words can’t begin to express how happy I am to have both of them participating in my wedding. (I’m a sap)


 This brings me to my ADORABLE flower girl.


She’s probably the cutest little girl I know. I’m so glad she will be joining us! Her mom (Jason’s sister) has been SO helpful with searching for dresses in the right color and style for our little flower girl.

Hello Cuteness


Digital Dress-Up

Welcome again to “Wedding Wednesday,” where I will dazzle you readers with the amazing (albeit creeptastic) digital offerings from David’s Bridal.

One of the main websites I visit for wedding dress ideas has been David’s Bridal. I went there with my friend Kiersten when she was looking for her own wedding dress in 2008ish. So, I have a little bit of an idea of their offerings.

This is not to say that I won’t and am not looking at other shops, it’s just…this particular one is a bit more interactive.

Case-in-point: David’s Bridal has a “Dress Your Wedding” feature. HELLO!? Even if you don’t want to buy their dresses or suits, who can say no to dressing up digital representations of you, your fiancée, and your selected wedding party members? I know I couldn’t.

As such, I present:

Bridal Party

 As my future sister-in-law pointed out, Kaitlyn (flower girl) gets two elbows per arm. Her waist, due to the addition of the sash, is also wonky.

So, the site isn’t perfect, but it certainly helps a bride visualize the color scheme. My color scheme being purple and green. My girls (Katy, Susan, Rachel, and Jordan) will be in violet dresses that they choose. Kaitlyn will be in green. That’s the plan so far.