What ABOUT Weight-loss?

I know it’s an obvious topic, right?

Jason and I had decided to join a gym this week, however with sleep training Tucker, that has been put on hold.

Essentially, due to our current jobs, which have us sitting on our rumps for most of the day (and night sometimes), we’ve definitely hindered our weight-loss via diet. Diet can only take you so far. Diet (and nursing) alone has helped me drop all but 10 pounds of baby weight. But being that I was already much more overweight than advisable for my height before that, I really must do something about it.

So beginning next week, yoga will be happening…thrice a week. I hope to track my progress via this blog and MyFitnessPal–which seems to be all the rage and was suggested by this chika.

52b17cedcf2dbf650859c6b357b5a5e1Wish us luck!


The Road Less Traveled

The day was less than ideal for a long walk, yet perfect for one at the same time. It was the first really cool day in the last several days, with the threat of snow looming over us in the clouds above.

If it had JUST been a cold-ish day, it would have been great. But the wind made it more of an adventure.


For our second trek out into the world with the purpose of increasing our time and distance, Jason and I took the route he usually does when speed walking on his own. We were able to more than double our distance while increasing our pace.



We used the stroller without the car seat so Tucker could lay out and relax as we went, but next time, we’ll use it because of the high winds. Even with the visor, it didn’t protect T from the wind; with the car seat, at least he’d have twice the protection from the wind. Our other option is a cover like this one:


Instead, we bundled T up in this get up… it worked well enough.


**Question: How does your family stay fit together?**

Fit to be Tied

That’s right; it’s Friday and I’m officially cleared to begin REALLY exercising.

To start this thing off right, I weighed myself before breakfast. And I’ll be honest with you all; I put on a lot over the course of my pregnancy. A. LOT. Now, I wasn’t the ideal weight going into my pregnancy, but I had been working on it via Weight Watchers.

So. Full disclosure: from February 16 through October 11, I packed on a whopping 47 pounds. Full disclosure: I went from 242 to 289 in about nine months. And again, full disclosure: This morning (after 8 weeks) I stepped onto the scale and was “happily” surprised to see 2.5.0. So in eight weeks, one pound shy of 40 pounds lost.

To celebrate my first day truly back on the fitness band wagon, we all (my cute little family) went to the park nearby and walked around and through it. It was such a nice day, and with Jason at the “wheel,” we walked at a pretty decent pace.

1.35 miles in 32:46

When we returned home, Tucker had lunch, then Jason and I had ours. I made myself a tuna sandwich with a slice of EXTRA sharp cheddar on an Asiago bagel. I had a few carrot sticks, 1/4 cup of almonds, and a packet of dried seaweed on the side, and a Cutie for dessert.

And tonight, according to our meal calendar (I’ll write more about this soon), we’re having meatloaf for dinner. Yum, Yum!

**Question: How do you get fit?**

Wednesday Madness

The scale was not my friend today; but I dealt with it. Here’s how:

So, todays meeting was all about Power Foods. These are foods that are super good for you; i.e. all those foods included in the food plate Michelle Obama supported that is replacing the food pyramid we all remember from middle school health classes.

The cool thing about these Power Foods is that they are all very good for you and aids in the fight against a plethora of ailments like high blood pressure, heart disease, poor complexion, and arguably cancer. Technically, the fact that these are termed “Power Foods” and that they happen to do all these amazing things, isn’t really a new concept because, hello, it’s food–it’s healthy food that everyone knows about.

But the bonus for partaking of these Power Foods? NO TRACKING! What? Yup, you heard that right, folks. If you eat these Power Foods throughout the day, you do not have to track. You just have to gauge your fullness.

What the heck does that mean? It means that when you are satisfied and not so stuffed you are unable to function the rest of the night, you stop eating. We can do that. Yes, we can.

Back to how I ended up coping with my gain this week. We were in dire need of groceries so I went to Smith’s.

To backtrack, we had a bad night that consisted of going to sleep at one am, Jason waking up numerous times because the cats were having a wonderful time playing up and down the hall wrestling with each other, and culminating in an 8 am wake up call of city trucks and jack hammers ripping up the curbs and sidewalks right outside our window. Needless to say, Jason chose sleep over weight watchers, and I can’t say as I blame him.

I went to Smith’s alone, starting at the produce, and I picked up SO many Power Foods; cabbage, grapes, apples, bananas, corn, broccoli, pears, snow peas. Before leaving the weight watchers I picked up their Power Foods cookbook. We are ready to roll. Bring on the fiber, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. BRING IT.

Of course, we still have to decide which recipes to try and which to avoid. Perhaps we can make our way through it a la Julie Powell.

**Question: How do you deal with set-backs?**

Seven Monkeys in My Head

Sometimes it really does feel like I have a whole slue of primates jumping about in my brain. This is otherwise referred to as a migraine. Today’s was generally manageable. Y’see, on Sunday I slept funky and tweaked my neck somehow. And it’s been sore ever since. Today that pain crept up into my head.

Two highlights for today:

Jason and I both had excellent losses at our WW meating this morning. Mine was 2.8 for a total weight loss of 11.4 (I’ve now officially lost all the over-the-holidays weight).

We then went to Men’s Wearhouse to get the suits squared away for the men-folk. Jason has been talking about wearing a morning suit for the longest time, so that’s what we got.

Seven monkey migraine aside, it was a good day.

The Good Kind of Thinspiration: Newton’s First Law of Weight Loss

And by “Good Kind” I mean that I’m not referring to the skeletal waifs that really, really weight-obsessed individuals turn to for inspiration while they push through one more day of not eating. I’ve checked out these images on various websites, and because I feel that I would rather not even link to descriptors of such sites, shielding you, my readers, I will refrain. Needless to say, people find inspiration in just about anything.

No, by “Good Kind” I mean me. Let me explain so I don’t sound completely self-absorbed.

Today was weigh-in day at Weight Watchers. All week, I’ve been busting my a$$ to track my points, drink my water, and take my vitamins. I did a nearly hour-long walk with Jamie and Victoria on Saturday, yard work with Jason on Monday, and yoga with Bob on Tuesday.

After last week’s gain, I would be damned if I was going to gain AGAIN. In fact, I gained weight each week since November 30th.

But, today I stepped onto the scale with confidence, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Now, before I reveal my number for this week, I need to express how stupid I feel. I mean, really. Duh. Of course WW works IF you track, drink water, and exercise. I know that pretty much since we moved into the new house, I’ve been a HUGE slacker. How silly do I feel after doing what I SHOULD have been doing and seeing results? Pretty dang silly.

In essence, I defer to Newton’s First Law of Motion whereby if you don’t make a change, no change will happen. In doing nothing (not sticking to my program) nothing was happening (I wasn’t losing weight; I was in fact gaining the weight I had already lost when I was doing something, which is reminiscent of Newton’s 3rd law about equal and opposite reactions).

So, our take away physics lesson for the day is: Do not stand still, MOVE. By MOVING, you may come away with a weekly weight loss number of 4.2 pounds. By moving, you might just see results.

**Question: What moves, motivates, or inspires you?**

The Monday Munchies

In light of the fact that my Weight Watchers weigh-in day is Wednesday, and I don’t want to focus too much on food right after I have weighed in, I’ve decided to turn my WIAW into a MM (see above).

So here it is:

Breakfast was a delicious pairing of Folgers Classic Roast with a dash of sugar-free vanilla syrup and milk and a homemade-by-me scone featuring chia. Now, I’ve been making these scones since I was in Korea with a slight modification. Instead of buttermilk, which was hard to come by in Seoul, I combined equal parts milk and yogurt. Depending on what your plan is, you can use plain or flavored yogurt. Of course for those of you who are looking for a healthy alternative, you can use skim milk and fat-free yogurt, which I’ve done on MANY occasions with the same yummy result. You can also mix and knead in fresh fruit, chocolate, or as I did this time, chia, for an added tasty bonus.

Coffee & Scone (8 pps)

Lunch was a little less homemade. Here I have a Smart Dog on a slice of whole wheat bread which was spread with Laughing Cow Swiss and sprinkled with blackening spices. WW Dijon pretzels and a Fig Newton bar finish out the plate. On the side, I have a hearty black bean soup from Amy’s.

Smart Dog & Amy's (13 pps)

And finally, dinner. Jason was craving Chinese, so we hit up a local place called Heaven Dragon. I ordered the chicken teriyaki and Jason got the Hunan style chicken. It would have been great if they had included our hot & sour soup instead of the lo mein we ended up with. Them’s the breaks, kids. All in all the food wasn’t too bad, and they actually deliver–a novelty for anything other than pizza in Albuquerque.

Chicken Teriyaki (10 pps)

And for desert, what Chinese dinner would be complete without a fortune cookie? I think this cookie might be referring to Duke City, how about you?

Fortune Cookie (1 pps)

**Question: What did you munch on today?**